2022 goals:

I'm hoping that 2022 will be better than the previous two years, the bar is really, really low.

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@legoktm I've never even thought about the Debian wiki, that really would benefit from a MW migration, wouldn't it

@legoktm "Write at least one piece of recognized content (DYK/GA/FA) for Wikipedia."

What does "recognized content" mean?

@aismallard there are basically three formal project-wide peer review processes for different stages of an article

Did you know: recent creation/5x expansion
Good article: well, it's good. Gets a plus in the top right corner
Featured article: one of the best on Wikipedia, gets a star in the top right

Some WikiProjects also have a formal A-class review process (in between GA and FA) but it's not universal.

@legoktm Ah interesting! I knew those were a process but never thought much about them.

@legoktm Heh, glad to see I'm not the only one wanting to replace with MediaWiki :P

@taavi I'm hoping to start working on a prototype this weekend, so warning, I'll try to nerd-snipe you to help :)

@legoktm @taavi Are there official full history dumps of the #Debian wiki? It will be fun to convert all the CamelCase and single-namespace pages 20 years after Wikipedia's UseModWiki migration. :)

@nemobis @taavi no idea. My current plan is to scrape the rendered HTML and use Parsoid to transform it to wikitext. I hope that works, otherwise we might need dumps and a proper syntax converter.

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