@legoktm the story of every raspberry pi in 2 sentences.

@legoktm I'm in the same boat with all things Raspberry Pi lately

@JackMeinoff @legoktm Use it as a regular desktop computer? It probably consumes less power than your current PC, so you can lower your environmental impact. Or maybe use it with a wireless keyboard as a home theater PC? You can set it up as a Syncthing-thing? It won’t do much good for Folding@home, but you can contribute to things like being a DHT node for various P2P networks. Plugin in a USB drive and use it as a backup server? You could be looking at your new gateway router+VPN too.

@legoktm I envy you so much. I’m waiting for the promised Norwegian SKU. The official RPi keyboard accessory SKU was released last year, apparently, but I’ve never found any store that sells it. Fingers crossed for this one, though!

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