Library dean: I would love that if tomorrow, libraries were funded to just take over production.

Elsevier has a 40% profit margin. What kind of industry has that kind of profit margin??

Professor: Graduate students will feel the impact now for lack of content. Undergrad students won't feel the impact until ~5 years from now.

Professor (different one): Looking at journals isn't about looking up a specific article, it's like browsing a library shelf and picking out what you're interested by. Need to be able to browse through journals.

Process note: this is the first public forum held in the CSUs. Other campuses are looking to see how our forum goes.

There are three major players in California. UC (pulled out), CSU (negotiating), and SCELC, which is endorsing/supporting the UC pull out (


UCs prepared for about 2 years to walk away from the contract. CSU is on a much more accelerated timeline.

"We're going to play hardball with them" -- Library dean

Florida negotiated a smaller package, though FSU opted out.

Presenter thinks SUNYs are still negotiating.

Audience member: We need to fix the system. In 3 years, we're going to be back here. Need a paradigm shift.

Let's just publish our own journal.

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