Happy "I Love Free Software" Day everyone! Let's use this wonderful occasion to express our love and appreciation to all the people creating #FreeSoftware

Say *thank you* today ilovefs.org #ilovefs

Free software empowered me, got me a job, and helped me build up my livelihood. Thank you.

Instead of giving out chocolate today, I have @torproject and @kiwix webcam blocker stickers/sliders - let me know if you want one :)

I just attended the most amazing National Geographic Live! talk by NASA JPL Engineer Kobie Boykins talking about his work on the Opportunity/Spirit/Curiosity Mars rovers.

My story on it will be out tomorrow morning in the Spartan Daily ^.^

Its the final day of all hands and *some* people would rather be at

I came home at midnight last night, but both of my news stories made it on the front page, above the fold! Reporting is fun.

Here's the full softball story that I wrote: sjsunews.com/spartan_daily/new

First day of school in 2019 today! This year's goal: graduate.

Do you ever have those days where you have a plan of what you want to do but it gets thrown away because of a critical apt vulnerability and then you have to remember all the Debian systems you're responsible for, plus all the docker images that you use?

Anyways, here's the plate of nachos I made myself to cheer up.

As much as I enjoy dynamic languages, I do wonder about the sum total of energy required for hundreds of millions of computers to recompile the same JavaScript from the same popular websites multiple times daily.

My new Purism laptop arrived yesterday. My old MacBook that I was planning to replace with it got jealous and died this morning, and fsck'ing hasn't helped. Now in recovery mode running cp -R / onto an external drive.

Dear @att if you advertise a free concert as rain or shine....DON'T CANCEL IT WHEN IT RAINS.

We love processing the software development work invoices of developers. They're the only contractors who attach GPG signatures, sha256sums and the like for all their documentation. Apparently, they're also working on as well.

One of the most memorable parts of my summer was when I saw three refugees recite parts of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights during World Refugee Day: blog.legoktm.com/2018/12/10/hu

It's incredible to think that it was signed only 70 years ago, today.

Today we celebrate #HumanRightsDay. Passed exactly 70 years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights memorializes the basic notion that fundamental freedoms, including privacy, expression, and access to information, are essential for people all over the world.

We must defend and protect the universal human rights to privacy and freedom online. Tor is critical in this fight.

Please donate today to help protect the rights of internet users worldwide. torproject.org/donate/donate-h

This has hands down been the busiest week I've had all semester long. Somehow ended up doing four news videos, one for myself, one to help out a friend, one for extra credit, and one because breaking news happened right in front of us.

This is the last week of our TV news show, and while its been the most stressful thing I've done in a while, it was so much fun. Gonna miss Update News. <3

"I thought about throwing my credit card at you to see if that would buy your vote" -- former east side teacher

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