This has hands down been the busiest week I've had all semester long. Somehow ended up doing four news videos, one for myself, one to help out a friend, one for extra credit, and one because breaking news happened right in front of us.

This is the last week of our TV news show, and while its been the most stressful thing I've done in a while, it was so much fun. Gonna miss Update News. <3

"I thought about throwing my credit card at you to see if that would buy your vote" -- former east side teacher

"Who's getting these new Google jobs? Not people of color, women, or latinx...its going to be rich white men..."

Bags aren't allowed in, which is preventing homeless people from participating in today's meeting. Should've had some kind of bag drop system.

"Google is funding computer training programs for at risk members of our community. We can only express our gratitude."

"We epxect our rents to go up....there's no protection for us...keep that on your conscience when you vote for this." -- renter in San Jose

"While you were holding open houses in your districts I was working in a mental health shelter. Its always full. You could have used the land for that..."

"We shouldn't delay the inevitable, someone will come there anyways, and Google is the most powerful tech company in the world..." -- someone who lives near the proposed Google site.

"Approving this deal is class warefare" -- a teacher and San Jose resident

Oh and the Mayor thanked MLB for not letting the A's move here. We would've gotten 7 million for that instead of 70.

Mayor Sam Liccardo thanks Google for not doing what Amazon did - extracting tons of subsidies from local governments. From day 1 Google has wanted to pay fair rates, and pay additional community benefits. Didn't want nor ask for any breaks.

Google willing to pay market rates and not demand subsidies. Acknowledged housing and homelessness problems.

Google VP of real estate speaking now. Thanks for condutive community process. Want a Google friendly area integrated into local community.

Conclusion from city staff report: lots of cities are struggling, we are lucky that Google wants to invest in us. But its important we do it right, and show what urban redevelopment should look like.

This deal today would only be the "end" of Phase I. Phase II is project planning and design, will span from 2019-2021. Will include negotiating developer agreement. City expected to have 5 different approvals over the process - a lot of control.

One of the sites is the city's fire training center. Google will lease the property to the city for free for 3 years as it gets relocated. City had wanted to build a new one for years. Proceeds from sale will be used to build new one.

Pricing: $67 million. City of SJ has first offer of repurchase.

Escrow expected to close December 31. Cost is $237.50/sq foot.

City and Google expected to enter into a Development Agreement. And future development of land will require investment into community services.

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