podman is fantastic. It's all the nice parts about docker without the parts I dislike.

Here's the Security Advisory: debian.org/security/2019/dsa-4

The updated version is just a `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade` away!

There's a new security release out today. 11 security issues in total, plus plenty of bug fixes.

Updated packages will be available shortly for stretch, and buster. I've already updated sid/unstable and my Ubuntu PPA: launchpad.net/~legoktm/+archiv

This is the official end of upstream support for the 1.27.x LTS, but I'll be backporting patches for the entire lifetime of stretch. More details to come.

For some reason I'm just noticing Wikipedia edit tags for the first time.

They are little labels that automatically get assigned to an edit.

Since January there's one for anonymous edits from Congress. Thanks @legoktm!


Here's an example from @congressedits


Self-care tip from in NYC: "Every night, go online to Facebook, and unfriend people on their birthday. Very therapeutic."

I am surprised that New York airports are not playing "Welcome to New York" on a loop 100% of the time. Definitely a missed opportunity.

Inside Scoop - Week 0 (and corrections), a quick retrospective on what running the Spartan Daily newspaper for a week was like.


"San Francisco leaders are expected to vote next week on a proposal, opposed by police, that would make the tech capital the first city in America to ban local agencies from using facial-recognition software."

Ban it.
washingtonpost.com/technology/ #surveillance

How many legs does a horse have? Google thinks the answer is six.

Good job Wikipedia?

Inside Scoop: Building a team - a new (hopefully weekly) column about behind the scenes operations at the Spartan Daily: blog.legoktm.com/2019/04/28/in


Alex Morgan is my current favorite US soccer player, and Mia Hamm was one of my idols growing up. It's just inspiring.

People need to know that we're doing great stuff, and hey, it's cheaper than USC! -- Prof. Craig

Mark Purdy is going to be teaching an investigative journalism class next semester?!

One of the things we don't do enough is getting feedback from students, like this. -- Prof Craig.

What do you want that's not being offered here?

Do you just want Richard Craig in Spanish? 😂

Cal State Northridge apparently has a Spanish journalism minor.

Thinking about bilingual journalism classes. Looking to contact Telemundo for help.

For a course to make it, we need 15 students to sign up.

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