Alex Morgan is my current favorite US soccer player, and Mia Hamm was one of my idols growing up. It's just inspiring.

People need to know that we're doing great stuff, and hey, it's cheaper than USC! -- Prof. Craig

Mark Purdy is going to be teaching an investigative journalism class next semester?!

One of the things we don't do enough is getting feedback from students, like this. -- Prof Craig.

What do you want that's not being offered here?

Do you just want Richard Craig in Spanish? 😂

Cal State Northridge apparently has a Spanish journalism minor.

Thinking about bilingual journalism classes. Looking to contact Telemundo for help.

For a course to make it, we need 15 students to sign up.

"I want to see this program grow to be the largest program in the Bay Area"

"Most of you want to get out of here and get jobs. And that's our main focus."

"We are going to do everything in your favor - our goal is to get you out of here"

"And we mean that in a good way"

New classes aren't required, we'll probably be grandfathered in.

"If you were on track to graduate before, you're still going to graduate."

Students have catalog rights? Can graduate under the old requirements that you entered the univ with, but that may not be straightforward since some of the old classes no longer exist.

When is the next website going to launch?

"Within the next couple of weeks"


How will students that aren't in a media class get their stuff published?


JOUR 130 is supposed to help people get their feet wet and stuff(?)

Can we get the editors of various media together plus advisors to come together and share ideas and post stuff together? Beneficial for students to get their story out in as many ways as possible. -- Donna

JOUR 50 is a new media literacy class that's required.

130 is required before you can join student media, which means that transfer students can't do student media their first semester unless their community college offers 130(?). Unclear about articulation agreements right now.

We're likely moving into humanities next fall!!!! Still pending approval though.

In terms of assigning people to classes, we've compared it to fantasy drafts -- Prof Craig

We've talked a good game about collaboration, but we haven't done it -- Prof. Craig.

If people are forced into taking a platform when they want to do something else, collabs can ease that.

Area of focus is replaced by just electives. You should sit down with the advisor to discuss what you need.

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