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Got stopped by TSA for....energy bars. Pulled my bag off of the belt, opened it up, looked around, and then pulled out a bag of 15 energy bars. Every time I get stopped it seems more and more obvious that it's just security theater.

It frustrates me that DocuSign just skips to every section that needs my initials, making me scroll back up to actually read the document that I'm approving.

It's as if the software is designed to just get my signatures as fast as possible, and make it difficult for me to read what I'm actually agreeing to. :<

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F-Droid is now on Mastodon as well!

1.30.0 is now in unstable

This is a short term transition to help test something that is close to the next LTS version: 1.31 (out in June!).


"The next train to Winchester will arrive in 5 minutes"
Sorry Mr. Announcer, but its pulling up to the station right now...
Still pretty exciting if the VTA can get the timing right!


My first Firefox Addon: rewrites requests to the mobile Wikipedia website to the standard desktop one: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

It's 100% functional on both desktop and android versions of Firefox (the latter being my main motivation). Writing web extensions is awesomely easy.

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Reposting from the FSF: Congratulations to the 2017 Free Software Awards winners, announced last night. @publiclab and Karen Sandler @o0karen0o from @conservancy are this year's award recipients! t.co/DK0Us2Mrz1 twitter.com/fsf/status/9779150

If they hadn't used the sign to block the escalator, I don't think I would have seen it! I had no idea this was happening at SJSU.


I was wondering why my laptop bag felt heavier than normal...I forgot to take my LEGO weights out.

Today I had the privilege of judging an elementary school science fair - the same school I attended so many years ago. I'm really excited to see kids learning about and applying the scientific method in addition to basic engineering principles at such a young age.

Turns out one of my favorite websites, tay.today/ has been suspended by the hoster, probably because the bill hasn't been paid...
I've managed to recover all of the data thanks to archive.org <3 but now I need to find a cool domain name to host it on :/


Delicate's video is hilarious. Taylor is going to be gif'd more than Emma Stone.

h/t to my sister for showing it to me.

If you're a The Office fan, you'll love youtube.com/watch?v=lc9eEphSxq

It's one of my new favorite songs!

I've recently been using SQLAlchemy's ORM for a Python web app I'm developing. I really like the idea of declaring tables using a class, which provides you with an object class too.

For querying, I'm still a bit undecided. I like .filter_by(), .first(), and .all(), but I'm worried that losing visibility into the direct SQL queries being used makes it easier to forget about indexes. Then again, this project is small enough that I expect to not even need indexes.

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Wow, the changelog for the next #Mastodon release (RC1 right now) is quite impressive. This project is moving damn fast -- that's a lot of changes for just over a month.

Very excited about the coming content export features, including private keys. Using public key crypto to facilitate content migration is very promising, even if still in the beginnings.


Update! I mentioned this to Stas and he's looking into changing this in PHP itself: news.php.net/php.internals/101 <3

First, don't panic. Rumors of a planned shooting were apparently at Cal Poly yesterday and SJSU today. Class was cancelled and our professor told us to leave campus. Not even worth risking it basically.

New dashboard shows the last jenkins run for a MediaWiki extension/skin: tools.wmflabs.org/ci/last_run.

I mostly made this to be able to find extensions that fail PHP 7.0 tests while it's still non-voting, and to find gaps in coverage (there's one Wikimedia-deployed extension with no voting tests :().

One day I need to unify all my CI/extension related dashboards so I'm not constantly copying code from one to another.