Please also consider this my announcement that I'll be moving my profile over to shortly! Thanks to for hosting me all these years.

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Dear enthusiasts on the Fediverse,

Taavi and I are excited to announce the initial launch of Wikis World, a Mastodon server for wiki enthusiasts:

Please DM or @taavi for an invite (or ask on IRC, etc.). has some more details.

SecureDrop 2.5.0 is scheduled to be released on October 18. This release will include new server-side session handling for the Journalist interface and API, security updates to production dependencies, and miscellaneous improvements in the Source and Journalist Interfaces.

Yet another new blog post: A short sprint

Some improvements I made to 's Lua templating system over the past few weeks

I have sad news: will be shutting down by the end of 2022. Access will be restricted no earlier than December 1.

More details here:

I encourage you to export your data and migrate to a new server as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who trusted me as their admin. This was a difficult decision. I wish I could continue, but I can't.

This year's WikiConference North America theme is "open knowledge allies" my submission proposal is "Working together with Debian"!

Submissions are open through Oct. 15

security update has landed in :

There are a lot of CVEs listed, but these are all low severity issues, often not exploitable with the default config.

Very glad to learn that Gov. Newsom signed AB 1800, "Charlie's Law", yesterday:

If you're under 40, you can join the Be the Match registry pretty quickly online: and they'll send you a swab kit in the mail.

Kudos to Telegram, their account deletion process is very straightforward.

In other news, I no longer have a Telegram account.

For two straight weeks 9 out of 10 of the top 10 viewed articles on Wikipedia were about the British Royal family. The 10th article was a newly released Bollywood film lmao.

Wheee, the stable 0.5 release is actually coming soon (hopefully, per Sergio in the Matrix room).

My firmware GR vote is 6437215.

In order of preference:
1. Amend the Social Contract to allow for non-free firmware in installers.
2. Have a installer w/ non-free firmware next to the fully free one.
3. None of the above
4. Have only a non-free installer OR status quo, the installer w/ non-free firmware is not part of Debian.

Our developer documentation has moved! You can now view it at:

Looking to get started with SecureDrop development? Please see our guide for contributors:

hahahaha jinxed it. bit-for-bit reproducibility is one of those things where even if you get 99.9% of the way there, it's still a failure unless you hit 100%.

I wrote up where I got stuck at

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I'm done with expanding for tonight, mostly the Background section needs more about working conditions and criticism from unions (I linked some sources for the BNSF points dispute on the talk page)

Photos from yesterday's "The Objectivity Wars" event at the Columbia School of Journalism, including two people who were missing photos on their articles!

We've got a new part-time, 6 month front-end development gig at Freedom of the Press Foundation. Fixed $40K budget, you propose the fees schedule that works for you. Come work on and our other sites.

Remote, with preference for candidates who are available for communication during afternoon work hours US eastern time:

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