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I wrote for The Signpost this month, "The people who built Wikipedia, technically", filled with stories of Wikipedia's earliest days and how it grew into what it is today.

Featuring interviews with @brion, @eloquence and more!

Figured it out. Google thinks I have 5 microphones now and it initially selected the wrong one.

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Second snake we saw during the hike, the first one was tiny and slithered off before I could grab a photo.

And that's why you stay on the trail...

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Las Trampas Regional Park in San Ramon, CA.

Hiked the Elderberry Trail (~4 mi) and my legs are now jelly.

First responders removed a woman from a car that flipped at 19th and Harrison in Oakland, CA. A witness, who declined to be interviewed, told police that a blue truck ran the red light, hitting the car in the side, causing it to flip. The driver of the blue truck stayed at the scene.

The "soon" in " will upgrade to soon" has finally arrived!

We'll start migrating lists in a few days, some more details at: (hopefully one of the last pipermail links I share)

Shoutout to @ladsgroup for instigating this and really driving it forward!


Fellow @`Wikimedia
staff, I think we should form a union. And I think that union should represent both “staff” and “contractors” in whatever place they live. And that we should do this before we are gifted a new CEO/ED by the Board of Trustees. How do we do this?

Participation in the #FreedomBox project is steadily growing! 🎉

- 20 people contributed to the latest release
- 13 people attended today's progress call
- over 400 participants on the IRC/Matrix channel

You can contribute with code, translations, design, discussing ideas, helping other users or by spreading the word about the project!


:fbx: #FreedomBox @freedomboxfndn

Congratulations to Jonathan Carter on his re-election to Debian Project Leader!

"Most of the change in our lives doesn't come from the federal government, or the Supreme Court, it comes from city council and local organizations..." -- Tam on where to get involved and put your efforts.

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Tam said his parents wanted him to be a doctor or engineer (instead of being a musician) but not a lawyer because they thought he wasn't a good public speaker...and then he won unanimously at SCOTUS and goes around public speaking for Asian American and 1A causes.

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Very excited that I'm going to get to hear Simon Tam[1] speak (of Slants and Matal v. Tam fame) after missing out on when he came to San Jose in fall 2019.


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