@zladuric in my experience it feels better to use anyway. As do most modern alternatives to gnu software actually.

@just_a_frog @aral Mac OS has an immutable system partition, does it not? The idea is eventually the average Joe can use it, and there’s GUI tooling to handle rollbacks when necessary, etc. Ideally, The technical people will know how to work with the immutability, and the non-technical people should never need to worry about or even notice the fact that the system is immutable.

I feel the best way immutable #Linux operating systems like (the excellent) #Fedora #Silverblue can get over the remaining usability issues is if they make a conscious decision to forget that they are immutable operating systems.

What are the defaults you would implement if you weren’t allowed to tell people it was immutable?

Implement those.

(e.g., Have the default terminal open in a mutable container & a separate command to launch an advanced “admin” console for layering, etc.)


I never tire of men-on-the-internet telling me how online harassment is just something l'll have to accept in order to be successful online. /s

I refuse to accept this- surely we can do better, build better systems, and look out for each other.

@Gargron sounds awesome! I’ve been using the iOS app a lot. This may be more of a personal preference thing but I’ve found that the “pull to refresh” feels a bit, stiff? Like I have to pull down farther than I think I do to trigger it. I realize that probably goes down at the bottom of the triage list if anything, just wanted it to be said.

New iOS app release is waiting for Apple review! It adds a community timeline and fixes sign-up errors not being shown and servers being listed in the wrong order during onboarding.

@renata Also, they say that as if the Twitter admins can't read their DMs lol. They totally can and probably do often to make sure nothing illegal is going on.

Lately I've been working on a bit of a pet project, where I see how far I can take the UI for a todo-list app with just vanilla , and (vanilla as in no frameworks). Using for bundling and dev-server and methodology for authoring the CSS. This is front-end only, tasks persist in local storage but do not sync elsewhere.

Feel free to mess around with it at todo.leggett.dev and give feedback here or at github.com/leggettc18/todo-vit

Hi, my name is Christopher Leggett. I'm a hobbyist Software Developer with the intent to become a professional one. You can check out my projects and a couple blog posts on my website (chrisleggett.me), including this recent one where I talk about the method I used to add custom styles to an HTML checbox (chrisleggett.me/blog/css-style). Also feel free to check out my GitHub (github.com/leggettc18)

@nazneen @FediFollows the concept of instances can be a bit complex, but the benefits of it are huge. It means that no one could really buy Mastodon like Elon just did to Twitter. Some Instances have a topic, but it’s not really important unless you’re planning on posting content, from that instance since it will appear in that instance’s local public feed. Even then most of them are open to content outside of their topic being posted.

@nazneen @FediFollows Mastodon is open source software, meaning anyone with a server and the know how can run the server software for Mastodon. These are the instances. Each one has their own sign up page, accounts, and different rules and moderators. However, thanks to something called Federation, these instances all talk to each other. This means that if you’re on the mastodon.online instance, you can still follow someone on the mastodon.art instance and see their posts.

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