Sweet. Got Hercules Hyperion building and running on OpenBSD.
MVS seems happy enough on it. Some polishing still required (CTC, host info etc.) but a decent step in the right direction!

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Today, I dragged @StuartBeveridge to Chorley to see a fantastic bridge.

Because the railway and canal are at such a sharp angle, a normal arch wouldn't stay up. Instead, the stones are hand-carved in curves so that the joins between them are perpendicular to the bridge's weight.

@RadicalEdward I make all those poses at my machine too! All I need to do now is figure out all that other cool shit Bowie could do, and I've got it made.

@clacke In my bed, crashed out. Slice of death, wrapped up?

Niigata 4-3 Verdy. A game of two halves.

@Tritium You too! The weather's brightened up and a bunch of mates were meeting up at Niigata v Tochigi so... why not? Beers, footy, top scran. What's not to like? (Niigata won 2-0, which kept the good vibes going)

@workingclasshistory Her other good friend Augusto just out of shot presumably.

@cat Yeah, not mad keen on settlements myself. The to-ing and fro-ing at construction sites winds me up. Just tell me the total resource requirements up front and leave me the hell alone

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