Latest acquisitions. 1970 through 1991 represented here. Mr Knight has done a good job of keeping the vintage volume in good condition.

@leeb being someone who enjoys playing around with MVS on Hercules, I'd love to have some of those books.

They look like they are in amazing conditions. Pretty much like new

@loke Yeah the Ranade IBM series ones are excellent (and can be found cheap), but are a little more recent than the free MVS 3.8 generally used with Hercules unfortunately. The more fundamental ones (COBOL, JCL, etc.) are maybe still useful - unparalleled backwards compatibility is great :)
I hear KICKS is quite close to the real thing.

@leeb It's supposed to be. I have KICKS installed, but never did much with it, because I have to admit that I don't understand it and I haven't spent much time learning it.

Right now I'm trying to actually understand dataset specifications (from rexx, mostly), and I'm doing slow progress. To be honest, I have no idea what I'll do with this knowledge, but it's a hobby so it doesn't matter. I do want to build something unusual though, such as writing a mastodon client.

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