Another delivery today. No interesting artefacts included this time though.


Where are you finding all these, i want the whole set now too.

@mrbill0 The usual online booksellers have them. Prices have been steadily rising though

@leeb @mrbill0 Shoutout to the Rexx fans out there!

Can't remember who you are, but I assume @gemlog and possibly @vertigo .

Maybe @Jason_Dodd just for the IBM connection.

Mine too. I was deeply disappointed with os/2 - I thought all the programs would have rexx hooks.
@clacke @Jason_Dodd @mrbill0 @leeb

@gemlog @clacke @Jason_Dodd @mrbill0 @leeb If I recall correctly the mainframe version of Rexx also did not have the ability to address other programs. It was ARexx that really introduced that facility into the address command. And even though that is now part of standard Rexx, nobody seems to implement it anyway! What a waste of potential.

@vertigo @gemlog @clacke @mrbill0 @leeb Rexx is a strange beast on the mainframe. But it's vary useful. There are definitely quirks when calling other programs.

@clacke @gemlog @mrbill0 @leeb @vertigo Once around 2001 I walked into a thrift store and saw a whole row of books about as long as I was tall which contained all the books I'd seen on my coworkers desks and then some. Bought the whole row for 20 cents each! When I looked them up years later most were still selling online for around $50.

Great find. I assume a mainframer either died or retired and his books were donated.

Lucky for me.

@mrbill0 Ahem. Seems like it was rather more than "5 or 6". The pink CICS one (formerly owned by 'Roger Lear', who doen't seem to have actually *used* it) spoils the look a bit, but a fair proportion of the text is 132-column printouts so I can forgive it.

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