First time getting z/OS running under z/VM via vswitches. Think I'll have a beer to celebrate.

It's harder than it needs to be, and is certainly not made any easier by the complete lack of examples in the docs. Ho-hum.

@sparcipx Oh, and I caught the news about your new job. Not sure if congratulations or commiserations are in order (speaking as a fellow IT drone)

New wimax internet connection seems pretty decent. IPv6 too, so I guess I'll have to update my cobol gopher client...

I'm happy that IBM now packages up zips of their mainframe OS PDF docs, but still unhappy about two things:

1. It's not Bookmanager
2. The filenames. eg. 'MVS JCL Reference' is in the file 'ieab600'. Obviously.

Up at the crack of dawn, on the shinkansen to Niigata. My 4th consecutive year at the Sakenojin festival.

Today's new command - IMPORT CONNECT, from DFSMS Access Method Services for Catalogs. Connects a user catalog to the master catalog.

I'm moving a volume that was previously in use on another system to a different system, and it already contains a catalog for datasets on that volume.

Is it just me, or have I been seeing a lot of 'xxx on SDF is down' toots recently?

The most interesting thing about the docs stuff is that the original files are *still* online, for a commercial OS that went out-of-support 15 years ago.

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