Up at the crack of dawn, on the shinkansen to Niigata. My 4th consecutive year at the Sakenojin festival.


Today's new command - IMPORT CONNECT, from DFSMS Access Method Services for Catalogs. Connects a user catalog to the master catalog.

I'm moving a volume that was previously in use on another system to a different system, and it already contains a catalog for datasets on that volume.

Is it just me, or have I been seeing a lot of 'xxx on SDF is down' toots recently?

The most interesting thing about the docs stuff is that the original files are *still* online, for a commercial OS that went out-of-support 15 years ago.

My copy of AS/400: Concepts and Facilities arrived today. I love picking up books for so-called 'obsolete' systems dirt cheap.

Wasted half a day adding natively-hosted documentation to a 25 year-old OS by copying and massaging stuff from the official web doc library.

Feeling pretty good about that tbh.

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All right you guys, a joke's a joke, but come on now... where did you put my docking station?

@xorowl It's been talk like a pirate day most days in my house recently.

Read (and watched) Treasure Island over the holidays, now halfway through Moby Dick. So... rum tonight I think.

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