Starting to get a bit worried about n-gate

Really enjoying DFSMS. Just reorganized all my stuff with a single adrdssu copy dataset job. Lovely.

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Hey , since both and seem to have been abandoned by their admins/mods, are there any active journalism-friendly instances that would be a good home for @tecc ?


Latest acquisitions. 1970 through 1991 represented here. Mr Knight has done a good job of keeping the vintage volume in good condition.

Upgraded my OpenBSD machines to 6.9 tonight. 10 minutes well spent.

Another delivery today. No interesting artefacts included this time though.

The kettle's broke. Some Christmas this is turning out to be.

Resuming my epic quest to transfer the entire MTT onto obsolete media. MTT 017 heading onto MD right now. Using DAT might have given me more muso cred, but I don't have enough blank tapes for that.

Treated myself to a beachside base on a quiet little planet where I can get away from it all.

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