New phone. Any iOS masto client recommendations?

Ahh, weekend, beers, and a new webshit weekly. If this isn't nice I don't know what is.

@trickster You're on fire today - I was surprised to find I wasn't following.

@solderpunk Toe-dipping email sent. Waiting for the tide of profanity and personal insults that are sure to follow.

@clacke Just patched my OpenBSD kernel to add authentication to a WWAN driver. (And using it right now :-)

Not looking forward to announcing it on the mailing list...

Think it might be time to crack open that second bottle of red. Starting 2020 as I mean to go on.

Peak Slack at the office. Someone's created a channel for managing Slack.

Really on a roll getting this open source stuff compiled under z/OS. Latest versions of GNU make and m4 (built with that gmake) done today. Think I've found the magic compiler incantations - that, and some judicious use of has seen me right.

Lua compiled straight off (make posix), and both Perl and gawk have an OS/390 port anyway so that's cheating.

Definitely *not* going to be tackling GCC/glibc though.

Calling that done for the time being. GNU make 4.2 now ported to z/OS 🎉

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