Diving into the CBT Tape (cbttape.org) - a huge collection of MVS open-source software. The current collection is version 498, released 1st December 2019.

The documented revision history goes back to version 20, released on 3rd March 1976. Timestamps on some of the current contents are of similar vintage, and still usable on the latest z/OS. Fantastic.

For anyone interested, it's this one: amazon.com/SODIAL-CDROM-SATA-C

Though any of the similar-looking ones (two electrolytics near the IDE) are probably identical. HD24 OS v1.21, tested with a 2.5" WD HDD and a Crucial SSD.

Looks like it's third time lucky in my quest to find a SATA-IDE converter that'll work with this machine.

Multihomed TCPNJE system is up and running on BITNET III/VNET 2/HNET. Routing next, then start looking at writing some apps maybe.

With Linux I'd have had a bunch of CPU soft lockup errors by now. No issues at all so looks like it's OpenBSD on the desktop for me now.

That thing came with four drives - two are busted, but there's 40-odd songs recorded across the other two. Particularly keen to hear the 37-minute (!) one.

OpenBSD installer now seems to be loading OK on this machine after changing then reverting some BIOS knobs. Hmmm.

Right. DVDs are playing OK. Big multimedia test tomorrow will be recording video.

Ditched linux on this laptop. Unfortunately no native z/OS on x86, so it's OpenBSD for me. Main hurdle I found was the boot manager just kept rebooting. Fixed that by installing on a different machine and moving the disks. Not an auspicious start, but it seems to be problem-free after that.

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