That's the beauty of Linux. It caters to tinkerers, developers, home users and everyone else.

I love for its stability. I love for its flexibility. I love for its approachability.

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With the 21.04 release this past week of & its various flavours, I've decided to go with .

I can't believe just how great it runs on my ancient desktop. has improved so much recently.

Kudos to the devs!

Installed :ubuntu: and I’m enjoying using it as my daily driver.

It’s the distro that got me into more than a decade ago, and it’s just as welcoming as it was all those years ago. It feels good to be home!

I’ll certainly shift over my 20.04 installations using the steps here. Being more secure is always good!

But at the same time I love using for how Quincy and easy it is to set up. The devs keep making it easier to use for every type of user.

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Maybe the best thing is to just focus on enjoying good distros like and helping out in the community where I can.

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I need to learn to avoid watching YouTube “reviews” on release day. Same old clickbait titles and same old negativity.

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