And there's a million other Linux distros out there, each of them with something unique that caters for a certain user or group.

It's an awesome time to be a Linux user!

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I'm loving Plasma 5.21 from the fine people at @kde.

The new wallpaper is 🔥 !

Pacman 6.0.0 is out for users. It's one of the fastest package managers I've used.

Just shy of a year on Arch and Pacman has been as solid as a rock for me 👍

So it seems like I've opted to go with in a VM with @EndeavourOS. It's fast and simple, exactly how a tiling WM should be.

Dear @ubuntu, can I suggest Incandescent Impala when we get round to the letter I again.

(I can work as a freelance release namer for you!) 😁

With the 21.04 release this past week of & its various flavours, I've decided to go with .

I can't believe just how great it runs on my ancient desktop. has improved so much recently.

Kudos to the devs!

Konsole seems to have popped up with a Main / Session toolbar for me recently. Perhaps enabled by a recent update? 🤔

I'm really impressed. Fedora 34 runs with under 800M RAM on bare metal after logging in!

Helping out with the / test day, and I'm really impressed with it so far. There's a few rough edges, but overall I think it's a great step forward for the GNOME desktop. It's fast and easy to use with touchpad gestures and keyboard shortcuts that work well.

Pretty happy with my setup. Everything is running like a charm and is running as smooth as butter. 👌

Watching electron downloading via yay is making me feel as though time has no meaning.

I’m reaching that point in every Linux user’s life when the itch to distro hop is getting too strong to ignore.

I can sense calling to me…

Using Debian on my Pleroma server just convinces me even more than pure Debian is just about perfect when properly set up.

One of my favourite new additions is that you can automate updates. It's perfect for installs for my family when I want to make maintenance easier for them.

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Updated my install to Plasma 5.21, and it's running great and looks really polished. I'm going to have lots of fun poking around and seeing all the new bits and bobs @kde has put into this release. 😀

Going to be refreshing this page until 5.21 migrates from testing 😅

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