And I'm very much not a party person and I rarely bake cakes. That's how I hate timezones.

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When we finally stop using this nonsense called DST I'll buy a ton of cake, shit, I'll bake a ton of cake, and I'll host a party on which we'll share all weird timezones bugs we were fixing during all these years and party like there's no tomorrow cause it's gone.

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Me, fixing a timezones bug:
* one line fix
* 48 lines of docs explaining what is going on, how it worked for some time by accident, then broke, then worked again by a different accident, then broke again and please touch with caution if you need, but best not touch at all

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I hate timezones. And I rarely say I hate something, so you know, it's a thing.

Move to London progress:
✔ Move
✔ SIM card
✔ Oyster card
✔ Bank account
✔ NI number application
✖ Sleep
✖ Unpack all my stuff...

1. Check what time your bus departs
2. Arrive at the station
3. PANIC!!! when you realize you've checked a wrong bus
4. Panic cancelled cause the bus departs 10 minutes later than the other one. Phew.

def get_ids_list() -> Iterable:
"""Return a tuple of ids.

:rtype: dict
:return: set of ids
return '1,2,3'

Exaggerating just a little. I need a linter yelling at types specified outside of type annotations.

Deep on my disk I keep a file with standard library functions that don't follow separate_by_underscore rule:


It's named

It seems there were already two PRs changing that, both closed. So, ok, "Polszczyzna". At least it has proper number of digraphs for Polish language so no one will confuse it with anything readable 😅

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Hello mastodon 👋 I'm digging into the profile config and OMG I MISS THAT OPTION EVERYWHERE YOU'RE THE BEST

Yet you know... We don't really call it "Polszczyzna" 🤨

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