I've been working on property-based integration testing at @SymbiontIO@twitter.com
for our CLI, running the application's commands and verifying
high-level properties like idempotency and resumability with fault

Property-based testing goes way beyond testing pure functions!

Free tip: if you're building an app that stores country information, I encourage you to use ISO 3166 iso.org/iso-3166-country-codes to store country mappings in your db... it also assists with localisation. Storing an ad hoc list of language-specific country names might seems like a good idea in the early days, but that expedient will come back to haunt you.

Context: I'm working with an API for an otherwise very useful app in which made just such a mistake. Wow, what a painful thing.

Slides from today's presentation "DataOps in practice" at Data Innovation Summit are online. slideshare.net/lallea/data-ops

I submitted a documentation PR to an open source project yesterday.

Remember that documentation contributions are often more valuable than code. Also, you don't have to be an expert to contribute docs. If you got confused and then sorted it out, please share with a PR.

Solicitation for resources on data processing metadata - lineage, catalogue, governance, audit, ops, privacy.

I seek OSS, simple principles, or well scoped solutions. Not proprietary or with an enterprise smell.

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2014 - We must adopt #microservices to solve all problems with monoliths
2016 - We must adopt #docker to solve all problems with microservices
2018 - We must adopt #kubernetes to solve all problems with docker

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