A tale of two IRC networks:

: kicked us out of our channels, harassed one of our ops on their home page, made supposedly "draft" policy changes to permit hate speech

: participated in *our* forum to address questions about governance and non-profit structure and asked for feedback on improvements: <meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php>

Hmm 🤔

Wise words from a friend:
> mailman2 seems to have been a giant proof-of-concept, an early attempt to show that Python was a real language and could be used to develop Serious business tools. Clearly it had the opposite effect.

for is ready for testing, see the announcement from @ladsgroup and myself: lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/

Hopefully a step forward in making Wikimedia mailing lists more accessible.

Oracle is basically a law firm with some software engineers working in it

There are no proper words to describe how much I hate exim4 and mail in general.

Should I start posting screenshots of posts in other social media here or is it too soon?

Every time the US has a change of administration, EFF staffers - lawyers, policy analysts, activists - create a "transition memo": a series of one-page briefings on the tech policy issues the new admin should take up. The Biden memo is *great*.


It opens with a section on surveillance, with three subsections:

I. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

II. Facial Recognition Technology

III. Border Search and Immigration Surveillance



I'm a global interface editor in Wikipedia now and boy Wikipedians LOVE copying javascript.

How I hijacked the top-level domain of a sovereign state


He registered an expired domain used by the .cd ccTLD. Great report.

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