I've been involved in industrial action before. When you strike, you pay back your day's wages: your principles are worth more than your employer's money. I would welcome seeing Google protestors quitting Google's pay and stock ownership.

Otherwise, they're saying they want to distance themselves from Dragonfly, but not so much that they don't share in its profits.

Alarmcon level 2: up at 4.30 to go to a conference on AI and machine learning in wealth management 😴😴😴

Looking forward to exploring testing with this Testsphere deck

If you want help with a programming thing, a team thing, or just want to chat a bit, book office hours: labrary.online/office-hours/

The Head Labrarian teamed up with @akosma to create De Programmatica Ipsum, a magazine "on the programming itself". deprogrammaticaipsum.com

Hello everyone! You'll find me over here, where the library meets the laboratory.

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