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Yes everything was posted first on birdsite and I just copied it over. I have too many followers over there and none here so I’ll just have to duplicate everything for awhile.

I think we need more data source and delegate patterns. These are the staple of the old Cocoa AppKit API, and don’t need to be re-invented. If you want whatever functionality you create a delegate object that provides required methods to the module that makes use of it.

I’m not even going to bother with setState. Although I do feel its batching behavior is appropriate and useful, I can’t in good conscience lump everything (model, view, and controller) in one gigantic nested hierarchy.

In the past I’ve been burned by Cocoa bindings. My real complaint may have been with the controller objects like NSArrayController. At any rate, I attempted too much with code that was too opaque and too unpredictable, which leads me back to Redux.

I want to use Mobx more because it seems a lot easier, at least superficially. The problem is it has “nooks and crannies” that I’m just unsure of how to use, what is appropriate, and when. More experience would clear that up, no doubt.

I like Redux. Although it’s rigid in having to shape code to fit the structure of your data, I appreciate the safety and predictability it provides. What I don’t like is React-Redux, in particular the connect function.

Yo momma is so fat, when she sits around the house, she is usually on Facebook

Along with creative coding artworks, I will be posting videos, links, and describing a type of user interface animation I developed that I now call Relative Animation. I get harassed, threatened, and ridiculed on Twitter and in IRC quite often, so if this place has a similar atmosphere, or even at the very least my content is unwanted or not quite suited for, I am open to (genuine) suggestions for a more appropriate venue.

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