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Kevin Doughty

And check out my embarrasing commit of a .pbxproj change

@Gargron Sorry, childish but funny single word toots.

In Soviet Russia, drugs take you!

Don’t feed the hand that bites you.

@baldur I wish I had seen it back then. There was also a resource, maybe w3c, some kind of group to help outsiders make proposals but I lost the link. That diff I showed was proof of concept, but what a concept it was! I should try again sometime.

@baldur I tried via CSS and public-fx Web-Animations but interest was not there. Still, an informative FAQ.

I’m still using birdsite but switched over because of notifications from unrelated people liking unrelated tweets, and have vowed not to scroll down on birdsite if they would rather notify me of content.

Dumped into vim by git but I successfully quit !!!

colon q I love you

Meanwhile at a major tech company, they’re creating a design system