Is this a fractal or not? I’ve never done any box counting because the fractal dimension would seemingly be different for each value of phi. And I’m not sure how I would calculate its area as it overlaps itself, unlike typical space filling curves.

The Bezier curves give the image an organic feel compared to a purely orthogonal grid, but they were admittedly added as an afterthought and I could do a lot better with them.


Many generative techniques use random numbers, and I’ve been told they can be made deterministic by seeding a random number generator. If one uses numbers with order behind them, simple algorithms that normally produce pure randomness instead build structures with emergent order.

My plots are deterministic, and use my “non-random number generator” based on the following formula. … (Derived from the arc tangent between two points, normalized to 360 degrees to produce a number between zero and one)

I’ve begun a new series of plots that are a revival of an existing generative algorithm, with rounding by Bezier curves (programatically this time, not done in Inkscape as two previous images)


I get it now. Frameworks don’t have designers, apps do. Apple’s engineers don’t care about what a collection view looks like because they don’t have to, but then mistakenly apply this attitude to animation, not caring about continuity or interruption when they should.

You cannot model the physics of interaction and interruption in a dribbble video.

Diffable Data Source and SwiftUI seem impressive, but why does Apple continuously fail at animations? Do they have designers who can code? If designers only create mockups and engineers merely copy them, no one will care about details and a lot is going to fall through the cracks.

In WWDC 2019 #220 Advances in UI Data Sources at 9:50, some items instantly jump to their destination. For example “Lenin Peak” when they’ve typed “Pe”, “Molamenquing” plus 5 others when they’ve typed “Mo”, and “Nordend (Monte Rosa)” plus 3 others when they’ve typed “Mon”.

What was going on with items 1 and 5? I wish they had a better example when item size does not scale, because when item width is large, I don’t have a much better suggestion than their cross-fade

I am also disappointed with their orientation change animation

Note what happens after the user types “o”, “Cerro El Plomo” starts animating up, but “Molamenquing” instantly appears in its place.

Here’s that clip from WWDC 2019 #220 Advances in UI Data Sources, slowed down

Filtering a collection view in javascript, and doing a much better job at it than Apple

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