Relative CSS Animations are a game-changer, bringing interruption and blending to what previously didn’t work very well with user interaction. Compare the third from the top to the fifth from the top. You can view the source but it won’t work in any browser except mine unless it gets standardized by the W3C

I’ve added a new CSS Animation property to (my local copy of) Firefox! It adds relative animation, of course, allowing blending and reversal. It’s still unfinished but I’ll have more details coming soon

I’m trying to add a few features to the web, a Web-Animations property and a CSS Transition property. I’ve made proposals to the W3C before but they were ignored, so I’ve added them directly to Firefox and will fork their respective specs as well.

Now I am become code, the destroyer of anti-patterns.

A mini plot showing Delaunay triangulation with points derived from an equation that provides asymmetry

Birdsite un-shadowbanned me but it’s too late I already spend more time on other sites.

It seems I am no longer de-boosted on Birdsite. I suddenly stopped gaining followers two and a half years ago, but I’m now slowly gaining them again. The unfairness of it was the reason I signed up for Mastodon, so that at least was a positive outcome.

It’s starting to get tedious because I decided to do this from scratch, mostly, but I’m finally working on calculating enclosed regions.

Wait, why is not accepting new users?

There are still errors in my algorithm, but I gave it another shot

Calculating intersections for eventual path optimization for use with a . Next up, calculating enclosed regions.

Currently plotting out some non-random Delaunay triangles, I have to wait and see how it goes.

The changes to birdsite are confusing, with distracting animations catching my attention everywhere, but important information previously accessible is now missing. For example when viewing a tweet it is not possible to see the number of replies, so you can’t tell if a tweet has been “ratioed”. I also do not want to see liked tweets or tweets from someone followed by someone I follow. Mastodon is nice in having the federated timeline, which I do check from time to time.

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