Bofa deez images created with my non-random number generator

I actually didn’t want it to animate when changing images so it’s easier to compare...

Working on a generative growth algorithm for my non-random number generator

It appears from analytics that my follower count stopped growing, and turned negative some months, starting in November 2016.

One possible cause of the lack of new followers is because a large number of existing followers have me muted, and I don’t get enough new followers to offset the ratio.

I’ve also been told that some of my tweets are hidden under the “Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content” button.

I used to gain about one follower per day on Birdsite, until they capped it, and now I have had the same approximate number of followers for two years.

It’s got a lot of haters but I think Xcode spoiled me

Imagine looking at Lisp and thinking the strangest aspect of it is its use of parenthesis.

And check out my embarrasing commit of a .pbxproj change

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