I saw “The Empire Strikes Back” in Belgium when it first came out, dubbed in French with Flemish subtitles.

I ran another half marathon today. It's not too difficult for me, I enjoy it and it makes me feel great. What I really need more of is strength training, which is the absolute worst.

I’ve been posting pen plotter images on birdsite under the hashtag , and not a single image of mine is shown in the results, and I’ve scrolled down to 2017. I’ve posted several dozen images under that hashtag. I am intentionally de-boosted by birdsite, and it is not fair.

Birdsite is down for me, I think because of a failed CORS request, and it’s been a couple of days like this

Robot drawing 420mmX300mm with a Rotring Isograph 0.20 on paper roll

Gotta figure out how to do this perspective transform

Is it weird that I favorite toots, even on my federated timeline?

All tests passed, yet my code had such blatant bugs I can’t believe it actually worked before

My favorite metasyntatic variables are the Japanese 「ほげ」“hoge” and 「ぴよ」“piyo” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metasynt

All tests passed, yet the code had such blatant bugs I can’t believe it actually worked before

Ran three miles today. Not much but it was my first time this year

I just published a URL state hashing package called “Lursa”. Given a schema it can archive state to a compact string and unarchive it back. github.com/KevinDoughty/lursa

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