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So I failed reading my own documentation to make a couple of API calls. But at least I found some errors in the docs. :awesome:

Well I meant three years since last update. The project is actually already about ten years old.

Uh wow, was working on a very old project today (three years old already) and it was terrible. Full of bad concepts. So ugly. Brrrrrr. Ich don`t even understand it anymore.

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Margaret Thatcher is still dead, pals ๐ŸŽ‰

Alex boosted is so simple I am still searching the catch. Maybe I should host some of my statics there, to try it out and get a better insight. Anyone with experience?

โ€žAn idle Android phone running Chrome sends back to Google nearly 50 times as many data requests per hour as an idle iOS phone running Safari. [...] If you actually use your phone the information collection increases with Google.โ€œ
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"Hi! I'm @Kulturpessimist on Mastodon."

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