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Is this „solid“ thing really a thing or just another hype-buzzword-decentralized-beyond-cloud-tech-bubble bullshit proposals because someone finally needs more money?

So I failed reading my own documentation to make a couple of API calls. But at least I found some errors in the docs. :awesome:

Well I meant three years since last update. The project is actually already about ten years old.

Uh wow, was working on a very old project today (three years old already) and it was terrible. Full of bad concepts. So ugly. Brrrrrr. Ich don`t even understand it anymore.

Alex boosted is so simple I am still searching the catch. Maybe I should host some of my statics there, to try it out and get a better insight. Anyone with experience?

„An idle Android phone running Chrome sends back to Google nearly 50 times as many data requests per hour as an idle iOS phone running Safari. [...] If you actually use your phone the information collection increases with Google.“
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"Hi! I'm @Kulturpessimist on Mastodon."

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