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In praise of slowness

Sometimes - only sometimes - slowness is a feature, not a bug.

A few weeks ago, I was reading about a purported use for "smart contracts". If your plane is cancelled, a smart-contract could automatically pay out your travel insurance, the millisecond the cancellation was reported. Nifty, right‽

Slowness for crap reasons

There are plenty of processes which are slow for annoying

#/etc/ #blockchain #msc

Does anyone here have Nebula or Curiosity Stream?

Is it worth it? what do you watch?


How often do you reboot your primary desktop PC?

"A Unified Theory of Web Performance" by @slightlyoff

"No silver bullets, only complex tradeoffs" is a good maxim to always try to remember.

The fifth @Wikimedia Research report is out! Check out existing and new Research work and collaborations!

"How to Build a Low-tech Website?"
by Kris De Decker.

In a nut shell:

* Solar PV panel.
* Low-power Linux box (Olimex A20, like a Rasberry Pi but reportedly more fast, more compat with regular Linux, fully open-source at hardware level, yet need less energy).
* Nginx webserver for TLS and H2.
* Statically deployed from a CMS.

Original article:

Follow-up 2020 article:

More about the hardware:

Good stuff.

A Senior Web Developer in the US might spend $1,999 of their $88,256 salary on an entry level MacBook Pro 14: 2.26%.

A Senior Web Developer in India might spend ₹1,94,900 of their ₹6,91,507 salary on the same device: 28.18%.

~12.5x as much.

Excellent stuff.

"The web starts on page four" by Christian Heilmann

I identify with a lot of this. The commercialization of the web has kind of ruined it.

Jotted down some quick thoughts about how a lot of modern designers tend to use iconography as a crutch:

"Icons Should be Complementary - Text is Always Better"

#design #icons #text

"The Monty Hall problem explained", by Dragos Barosan.

The famous math conundrum. When one of three multiple choices is revealed as wrong, should you stick with your original choice, or change?

I've known the "right" answer for a while, and somewhat understood the theory, but it didn't resonate with me practically (point 4 and 3, especially). I still wanted to believe it was a pedantic abstract thing that didn't matter in the real world.

Benedict Evans wrote:
All curation grows until it requires search. All search grows until it requires curation.

via "What if PageRank Was a Mistake?" by Chris Krycho.

I started some notes about what it would take to get rid of this from PHP, code-wise it's literally one line. But of course the real battle is convincing people it's a misfeature that is actively harmful.

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“Complexity is killing software developers - InfoWorld”

Related to my Software Crisis 2.0 essay. Dev in general has taken a wrong turn. Possibly several.

Daniel’s weekly report November 26, 2021
Microsoft, oss-fuzz, Baldur's gate3, hyper headers, hair-tearing, curl-www, proselint.

An intriguing C++ quiz,
by Dragos Barosan.

Given class Derived extends Parent and both define the same method, how different will these two instances of Derived behave and why?

`Derived *x=new Derived;`
`Parent *x = new Derived;`

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