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Today's recommended follows:

🌟 @dosgameclub - Podcast and site about MS-DOS PC games from the 80s and 90s, presented by @rnlf & @Tijn

🌟 @mailtape - Weekly new music mixtape from an international art collective, chosen by a guest curator each episode

🌟 @nixnada - Artist who often draws characters from popular fiction

🌟 @don_atoms - Guide to free open source software and privacy

🌟 @parents4future (in German) & @parents4future_se (in Swedish) - International campaign against global warming

If you want to read (even) more about ShadowRealms, you can also check out this blog post by me:

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Progress on the videojs-vr integration. Now with multiple projections, defined with parserfunction on file page and embeddable into other pages. I present 360/equirectangular/spherical, EAC (Equi-angular Cubemap) and 360 stereoscopic.

Updating my laptop from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 broke my dev environment, so I started learning how to use containers with Podman. This stuff works great; I really should have looked into it earlier.

Fun fact, even though I have a background in programming, I don't get Apple's Shortcuts app. I just don't get how this thing thinks and how it passes information around that it is supposed to process in follow-up actions. No shortcut I've tried to create ever worked.

"Four Eras of JavaScript Frameworks" by Chris Garrett

This seems about right to me. You might quibble with the details, but it's a fun trip down memory lane.

In other words: I don't give a shit about elementary schoolgirls learning to code Rust or whatever. Talk to me about Grandma who lives on a pension being able to continue using her serviceable 2012 computer without being forced to shell out for a new model just so she can keep chatting with her grandkids.

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It was a real pleasure to be on the podcast. Thank you for the invitation!
RT @sastireland
Our latest podcast with Marc Zehe @MarcoInEnglish is out now. Marc has played key roles in #Accessibility and #AssistiveTechnology and has guided the development of some of the technology we use every day.

Listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Back in Feb I wrote a post that never got shared here about why I was (surprisingly, perhaps) very excited about Igalia's new XR browser project, Wolvic

If you've been a little "meh" on XR, that post is for you.

"Stealing a few more GitHub Actions secrets", by Teddy Katz.

Another fantastic analysis and quality write-up. (/me adds blog to feed reader.)

Really glad to see MDN working as a progressive web app saveable to home screen via multiple browsers.

Every year, Igalia runs "The Web Engines Hackfest" inviting members from all parts of the Web Platform Community to discuss and work on interesting things. Good Things™ happen there - this year in June, check it out!

The world of printing, signing, scanning and sending official documents is so ridiculous that people have to create tooling like Look Scanned. It's genius, but I hate the need behind it.

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