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An artist:

1. bought an Andy Warhol drawing for $20,000.
2. made 999 high-quality forgeries.
3. shuffled them.
4. sold each of the 1000 drawings for $250.

You might get the original $20,000 Warhol, but you’ll never know. This hurts my brain and I'm loving it!

It's a reasonable price for common art. No lottery. Nobody is ripped off. The artist profits hugely, yet gives away a unique item far below market value, but its receiver won't know.

It challenges our value system in very Warhol-way.

I'm finally getting back into RSS feeds. Right now I'm using which seems to do the important things: sync state between Android app & web; save stories for later. It's also, surprisingly, open source - but the author makes money by hosting it as a service ($3/month for the premium version).

Looking at my feed, I currently have 50% gaming blogs (mostly super nerdy ones like, 50% everything else :-)

🌍 Latency heatmap map by organization or network provider

The data from the RIPE Atlas probes can be used to find the minimum latency from anywhere to a given cloud provider, CDN, or other organization with its own AS network across (usually multiple) physical locations.

Example for Wikimedia Foundation:

Every search bar looks like a URL bar to users

Computers would be so much better if they never had to deal with users, amirite?!!?

I remember, years ago, working on a mobile web service which had a URl bar - so users could tap in on their T9 keypads - and a separate search bar. I thought that was pretty nifty. But it turns out, users tried searching for URls and they trie

#/etc/ #search #web

'Those "Get The App" Banners' by Chris Coyier

I would really, really like to know what's behind this trend. Is it missing PWA/browser features? Higher engagement numbers for native apps? Greater data collection capabilities? Plain old cargo-culting? I honestly have no idea.

Developer on a World Tour?

Brendan Gregg:
I'd never seen a developer on a world tour. This was going to be big, and would likely blow away my earlier DTrace work.

Of all the tools I had published as open source, I still can't believe socketsnoop.d was included. It wasn't […]

“Transitional Apps with Rich Harris”

“The secret sauce in transitional web apps is progressive enhancement.”

This key to a Kuhn-style paradigm shift: a new model that does a better job of fitting all of the various existing ideas and practices together

Apple "has done a somewhat reasonable job". The latest macOS release from August 2021 ships a curl from 2019, and contains only 22 known vulnerabilities. 😅

via @bagder

The Framework laptop is the first laptop to ever score a 10/10 from Ifixit for repairability. But it's no thick-as-a-brick throwback the size of a 2005 Thinkpad - it's approximately the same dimensions as a MacBook.


PHP maintains an enormous lead in server-side programming languages - Enlarge / Ruby is the only server-side web language which experienced much growth... - #tech #php

Today is Igalia's 20th anniversary, celebrating 20 years of contributions to open and free software, as a successful egalitarian worker cooperative.

I joined Igalia almost two years ago, in which I did and continue to learn so many fascinating things, about language specification, about WebAssembly, about JS engines and compilers. But most importantly, about taking common decisions and truly working together as equals.

As I told my dear coworkers:

"Enjoying one's work is a fine thing, but being able to share common goals and such collegiality with you Igalians is certainly a dream come true."


Q&A with Rob Monster following the Epik breach.

The CEO of Epik, the web hosting service known for client such as Gab, on the break of their database and various other topics and company history.

New blog post: "How to write about web performance"

Wherein I talk about why it's important for non-browser engineers to write about browser performance, and how I go about doing it without (mostly) shooting myself in the foot.

Back on my vague thoughts about writing a tutorial on building modern PHP apps without frameworks. It’s not as much “reinvent the wheel” as it is “learn the wheels that are built-in.”

TIL, Wikipedia editors maintain a list of when (not) to consider a source reliable.

I was familiar with the guideline for sources that are (almost) entirely disallowed, [1] but this is a more elaborate and nuanced list. It's important to remember that our world is rarely boolean!


Great timing on this, since it addresses the same concerns we raise in the post: the requirement that the system WebKit be the only browser engine on iOS is not only dishonest and shoddy, but it leaves all of us without any leverage to fix the situation. Apple gets to create roadblocks to features, keep their browser in a state of disrepair, and then use that environment as evidence for further neglect.

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"Right-to Left Support for Websites" with Moriel Schottlender.

In this casual and accessible chat, one the leading experts on internationalization on the web walks you through the world of RTL, how and why it's hard for both native and web, andecdotes of how we solved them at large for Wikipedia. Issues with page layouts, site themes, user input, forms, etc.

(I worked with her on the VisualEditor team. She's awesome!)

"I accidentally took down GitHub Actions" by Teddy Katz.

I had considered that this might happen, so I […] deleted my fork, [but the URL] still returned a 404, meaning that I’d accidentally broken everyone’s builds with no way to fix them.

Don't build your systems atop Git shorthashes, kids — They're for display purposes only!

Katz's blog is a great one to follow, with posts on other interesting exploits as well.

"1997: Netscape Crossware vs the Windows Web" by Richard MacManus

Interesting history. It's fascinating how far web development has come, and yet how similar it was even 25 years ago.

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