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How many roads must a man walk down.
Before this issue is solved?

How many seas must a white dove sail.
Before she can print lazily?

Yes, and how many years must a mountain exist.
Before this issue is washed to the sea?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.
The answer is blowin' in the wind...

(With apologies to Bob Dylan.)

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"Save to PDF" is an important browser feature for Wikipedia and its global audience.

Yet, three years after the native <img loading="lazy"> feature ships, it still don't work, which is the last thing standing in the way of Wikipedia adopting this natively.

On the bright side, a fellow soldier wrote a Bob Dylan parody just for us.

New blog post: "Does shadow DOM improve style performance?"

Wherein I benchmark some stuff to see if shadow DOM can actually improve web performance. The answer is: it depends! But I think it's pretty interesting.

Nice mini-site from Alvy Ray Smith, one of the cofounders of Pixar, debunking a lot of the myths about Steve Jobs' involvement in the company.

TLDR; he was a very useful investor for them but the idea that his "vision" shaped the company is incorrect. Around the time Toy Story was poised to be a hit, he positioned himself to *look* like a visionary.

"Back to the Future with RSS!" by Nicky Case

RSS is still the best way to consume internet media IMO. Let's hear it for RSS.

Fitbit and Garmin seem to only work when paired with an app that shares data unconditonally, and are fairly expensive (> $100).

Lintelek is a cheap alternative for $25 I tried (sold under various Chinese brands, all the same underneath), and works without app-pairing, but has no on-device history, and the app unconditonally shares data with its mothership...

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What pedometer (step counting) devices do people like?

I'm looking for wearables, preferably wristband/watch, to count steps and view some past data (support iOS, if app-based).

I found mostly hostile "pay with your data" devices (manufacturer uploads from app, no opt-out, can't view data unless agreeing), or analogue hip-worn devices that reset daily without history. Are there none with an app that doesn't mandate data sharing?

Boost welcome 🔁

Most Popular Messengers 1995-2020

My Dutch 90s-kid perspective:

1999: AIM AOL: 12 million, ICQ: 6M, Yahoo: 3M.
2006: MSN Live➕: 260M, Skype: 70M, Yahoo: 60M, AIM: 60M, G Talk➕: 4M.
2011: Skype: 220M, MSN: 180M, WhatsApp➕: 160M, iMessage➕: 40M.
2012: Skype 280M, WhatsApp: 260M, iMessage: 130M, SnapChat➕: 90M.
2020: WhatsApp: 1.6 billion, Facebook➕: 1.3B, iMessage: 514M, Telegram➕: 402M, Snap: 230M, ICQ: 11M.

Billions! And... the ICQ brand survived!?

New blog post: "Improving responsiveness in text inputs"

I had a Mastodon thread about this recently, so I decided to blog about it. It really bothers me when text inputs are slow to type into, so hopefully these tips will help webdevs to improve their text inputs.

I want to expand my RSS feeds. Does anyone have suggestions for good web development blogs?

Beached whale removal went well...

This epic tale took place in 1970 in Portland, Oregon, USA. For background (and lessons learned), the Wikipedia article is a good starting point: #humor #classic

@ppk @thomaswilburn Yeah, I'm glad that we're not in a Chromium monoculture (yet) too. In terms of a counterweight, I feel what's missing is a Mozilla with the zeal of the Firefox OS era, where they were adding PWA-like features at a breakneck pace but while keeping the interests of the web at heart.

I feel like Apple and Mozilla today are just under-investing and pretending like it's some kind of grand strategy.

@nolan @thomaswilburn

I am considerably more negative about the Firefox OS era, but losing Firefox would be a serious problem.

Unfortunately I don't know what to do, given that Firefox managed to completely ignore mobile for crucial year after crucial year and became irrelevant.

Maybe we should hope for competition within the Chromium market, with Microsoft being the most obvious candidate. But that doesn't seem to be happening either.

Run Internet Explorer 5 in your browser!

This is a slow, and very silly, way to experience an ancient browser. I'm aware that you could spin up a virtual machine, or pay for a browser testing service. But there's something nice about running a browser in a browser. Like wheels within wheels and fires within fires.

Using Copy's v86 it's possible to recompile

#/etc/ #internetexplorer #microsoft #retro #windows

Heading off for a few days of holiday.

Also decided to use Mastodon for a while. The hysteria at Twitter is getting at me.

You don't need external assets in an HTML file

(Written mostly to settle a good-natured disagreement.)

One of the great advantages of HTML is that it can call on external resources. Your index.html can load a style.css and display a picture.jpg. But... it doesn't have to use external resources.

(I know this isn't news to some of you - but everyone has to start somewhere.)

Here are three

#/etc/ #html

backup solutions 

Following on the old "1 backup is 0 backups", and "2 backups is 1 backup" and the desirability of offsite backups, I finally got a BorgBackup offsite solution in place (I have an old free grandfather Spideroak account for offsite backups, but I don't find Spideroak entirely ideal).

I've used borg for local backups here and there (for most local things I've just used zfs send/receive), but some months ago I came across which is specialised for borg backups, and they even make their own borgbackup frontend (Vorta - ).

I finally got a remote repo in place today, and both the Vorta GUI and the borgbase service seem pretty nice. I'm just using the 10Gb forever free trial right now (they have a $2/month 100Gb plan which seems not unreasonable in price).

🌍 Map of the Internet

An epic work of art by Martin Vargic, featuring over a thousand websites on a fictional map, organised by topic and sized for traffic scale (logarithmic). Some regions to look for:

* Protocol Ocean.
* Gulf of Linkrot.
* Viral Valey.
* Sea of Netizens.
* Append: Major launch dates.
* Append: Broadband speeds by country.
* Append: Most expensive domain sales.

Full size graphic (19 MB) at

#map #maps #geek #kottke via

"Learning to program has no more to do with designing interactive software than learning to touch type has to do with writing poetry"

-- Ted Nelson

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