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Videos from the Web Performance track by Wikipedia at FOSDOM are up at:

The conference took place Feb 1st in Brussels.

"This will be far from the last we hear about Zoom’s security and privacy troubles.

In fact, while writing this article over the last 48 hours, we had to add six additional exploits, [..]."

Every byte of a TLS connection (HTTPS),
… neatly illustrated and explained!

Great article on V8 JS engine's "pointer compression", making use of the existing 2-4 GiB heap limit to rewire 64-bit object pointers into 32-bit offsets while retaining the ability to tag 31-bit small integers in the same slots.

Saves HUGE amounts of memory in Chrome and can improve runtime performance despite the additional cost of "decompression".

Surprise! We can't have a shiny new GNOME release without a shiny new release video!

Special thanks to Chris Rogers, @o0karen0o and @freehive for their hard work.

What if it were super easy for you to integrate an auto-snapshot for the Internet Archivee/wayback of your new blog posts... Would you? New post, and a thing you can use. Lmk what you think!

Found a way to give my iPhone SE some renewed life.

Apple doesn't seem to be releasing a successor any time soon, and newer models are imho overpriced, and too large.

Spent months watching Apple's Refurbished section, but to no avail. Then I stumbled upon the Battery Replacement program.

£40 for a brand new battery!

Took only an hour at an Apple Store. As the main battery was the main thing that aged, the phone's basically good as new now!

"The Ethics of Performance" by Tim Kadlec

Interesting perspective. I'd never really thought of performance that way.

New blog post: "Things I’ve been wrong about, things I’ve been right about"

In which I recap some of the calls I've made over the years, and how those calls have turned out. Most cathartically for me, this is where I kinda-sorta apologize for writing "Safari is the new IE" years ago.

The "server-side rendering" trend is great (aka: serve a web page), but when the goal is progressive enhancement it's easy to mistake the technicalities for an end result.

Serving HTML and doing something in JS is not "progressive" nor "enhancing" if the HTML is unusable by itself, with visible-yet-nonfunctional UI elements, requiring seconds of interaction-blocking JS execution before it is scrollable and clickable.

Blog post by @adactio

by popular demand, now with logarithmic y axis scale to fit more data points

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The end of the Trident Era, an incredible 25 years of Microsoft history behind Internet Explorer – via @Schepp.

It details dozens innovations where IE was far ahead of its time, some of which others only just caught up with.

Remember all those ways we supported IE6? Weird as those polyfills may have been, it's easy to forget how special it was that it worked at all. Other browsers that old couldn't have. DXImageTransform gradients, <s:video>, and much more.

Safari runs code from *disabled* third-party browser extensions on every launch (can "phone home" with details about you).

Turns out there are still people making web browsers that aren't based on WebKit or Gecko. Here's an article about a browser called Flow:

Having documentation in Markdown files *in* the repository alongside the code, instead of on a CMS or wiki, can be great:

- It pops up in code searches.
- It can be kept up-to-date while refactoring.
- It is wherever the code is (text editor, Git UI, tarball download)

Inspired by

"In the 48 hours after Prince died, his artcile got 11 million pageviews on Wikipedia - 66,000% higher than normal traffic."

This is an comprehensive and interactive tool, built by The Pudding, which analyzes three years of Wikipedia traffic.

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