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Which languages have the shortest/longest half-life?

If you didn't write any code in language X for five years, how easily could you continue maintaining an old project?

an electronic device does not have a power switch.


Martin Shelton and I wrote a post about something I've been thinking about for a long time: just how secure journalists' favorite transcription services are, anyway?

I’m a little in love with web0 manifesto signatory #793’s (Fahru’s) web site.

(Make sure you follow the on-screen instructions and start the GUI) ;)

View/sign the web0 manifesto at

#web0 #foss

Semiannual changelog of Merriam-Webster, with words added since April 2020, thus recognizing them as being in wide use and likely to stay:

* long hauler.
* bubble (definition 7 A to 7 D).
* wet market (first known use with current meaning: 1978).
* crowdfunding (first 2007).
* to "at" someone (first 2008).
* A.S.M.R. (first 2011).
* gig worker (first 2014).
* cancel culture (first 2016).

#english #word #linguistics

@eloquence I don't know if you are aware of this server that allows you to play a game with human opponents on the #fediverse

What are your preferences?

cows says moo, VR tech, ethics 

From Irmak Bayrakdar, via #kottke:

In a recent experiment by a Turkish farmer, outfitting cows with VR goggles that simulate being in a pasture, upped milk production by 2 gallons per cow per day.

The article is worth a read, catchy headline on quality reporting and raises good questions.

Kocak ordered the rig from Moscow, where a similar "simulation" was run eight months earlier.

In praise of slowness

Sometimes - only sometimes - slowness is a feature, not a bug.

A few weeks ago, I was reading about a purported use for "smart contracts". If your plane is cancelled, a smart-contract could automatically pay out your travel insurance, the millisecond the cancellation was reported. Nifty, right‽

Slowness for crap reasons

There are plenty of processes which are slow for annoying

#/etc/ #blockchain #msc

RE: old person rant, music 


I share you pain. Sadly on macOS, Apple has killed iTunes in favour of a very crude rewrite called "Music" where almost nothing works or doesn't work right. Ironically, the one place where iTunes still exists and is supported by Apple, is for Windows.

Does anyone here have Nebula or Curiosity Stream?

Is it worth it? what do you watch?


How often do you reboot your primary desktop PC?

"A Unified Theory of Web Performance" by @slightlyoff

"No silver bullets, only complex tradeoffs" is a good maxim to always try to remember.

The fifth @Wikimedia Research report is out! Check out existing and new Research work and collaborations!

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