@brion Aye, I'm aware my Dutch ISP is unusual - I genuinely didn't know what other ISPs do to deter it. I imagine the ways they hamper it also vary by country/company. Thanks for showing me.

@brion "Are you sure you can afford 2 MB of disk space for this package?" Are you really? :D. Never ceases to amuse me.

@brion What exactly is it they won't let you? Public ports, technically? Or some kind "fair use" policy? I recall back in NL my ISP made a big deal of allowing you to host servers, and promoted use of shoutcast streaming and FTP. They even gave you a free dns name that points to your current IP (eg yourname.ispusers.example).

@brion Somewhat related: Could/should we vary the default res by browser?

Ok I'm pretty happy with this revision of the MediaWiki TimedMediaHandler video player dialog.

Check it out in action! video-testing.wmflabs.org/

Still some stuff todo, but it's a big step-up for the "beta mode" video player. Once it gets through review this'll land on Wikipedia, probably in a week or two. Next stab on it I'll make some improvements on audio handling and supporting embed/sharing.

Thanks Nicholas Zakas (@slicknet) for years of dedication to defining and helping others understand the technology around us!

(Image: Wikipedia articles for which his work is an active reference). w.wiki/Cgr

@brion One rare use case for `tac` is fully consuming an incoming stream before forwarding data to the next pipe.

This can be done by using two tacs, like so:
`curl | tac | tac | head -n10`. This hides head's abort signal from cURL.

I found this trick in 2015 (after a lot of searching...). Ref github.com/wikimedia/integrati. I since found a better solution for cURL, though (github.com/wikimedia/integrati).

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