One of my favorite things about compiling Chromium is that while the compiled files count goes up, the total file count also goes down.

Hi #mastodev folks: is there any effort in the works to make "remote follow" and "remote boost" etc, of posts something less than a 4 click experience? #Mastodon

rant on apple and planned obsolescence, repost from reddit 

@cadadr I'd sure like to be able to use Android, as productively as I use my iPhone. As a blind person, Apple can't be beat in mobile accessibility. Also, Lidar is *already* providing accessibility applications, like being able to tell how many feet in front of you a person is! So sure, for normal, able people you can sure use Android, or heck even Pine phone! But for blind people, Google doesn't give a *damn* about Android accessibility, and neither does Pine Phone.



I believe the doubling loop actually remains under the target length (it rounds down, not up). Then, after the loop, it adds one extra fractional portion for whatever is still missing.

And yeah, most certainly slower 😅 than a simple native for-i-to-count loop, except maybe for very high counts as it needs to overcome expensive startup costs.

Agreed, if going for "doubling", then `while len<maxCount` without any log stuff would fare better, given cheap `str.length` in JS.

I created this "Maslow's hierarchy of jobs" about 20 years go. Iv'e found to be good guide for when was time to move on (or stay). If you're failing at one or more of the lower 5 levels (pay not likely to continue, getting paid but nobody cares what you do) might be time to find a more productive gig.

You probably won't see this from HR in goals setting and performance management sessions.

I came across a rather peculiar implementation of a string repeat function for JavaScript.

There's a built-in for this since ES2015, and prior to that, the following was a common idom:

> str = "x"
> count = 3
> out = (new Array(count + 1).join(str)

But, an MDN contributor thought - we can optimize this! Can you figure out how and why it works?


"Truly Doubling Down on Open Source" by Tomer Levy.

The saga continues... is partnering with numerous organizations (presumed not to include Amazon) to officially re-launch the open-source distribution of Elasticsearch and Kibana, with a separate entity overseeing the commitment to staying community-driven and under the Apache-2 license forever.

This could get interesting :-)

More on less curl memory - curl now uses a mere 30K of dynamic memory for downloading a large HTTP file,
plus the size of the download buffer.

fun, uspol 

Tom Hanks, on soundcheck at today's "Celebrating America" post-inauguration event.

check, check, Sibilance.


Nice recall to his Aerosmith SNL sketch 🤘 and sister projects, by operating system after December 2020:

* 30.4%: Android
* 27.0%: Windows
* 25.6%: iOS
* (8.7%: Other)
* 7.0%: macOS
* 0.8%: Linux (incl. Ubuntu)
* 0.5%: Chrome OS

Show thread and sister projects, stats for December 2020:

* 49%: Chrome, Chrome Mobile
* 26%: Safari, Mobile Safari
* 4.9%: Firefox, Firefox Mobile
* 2.7%: Samsung Internet
* 2.3%: Edge
* 2.0%: Chrome Mobile iOS
* 1.9%: Google app
* 0.91%: Internet Explorer
* 0.76%: Opera

100% = 16.4 billion page views (desktop+mobile web, no apps, no bots)

"Wikipedia is twenty, it’s time to start covering it better"
from CJR.

In a nut shell: We need good solid journalism, a lot of it!

Journalists and Wikipedia editors can and do strengthen each other. But, for day-to-day topics and news, I feel we're nowdays seeing too much journalism rely solely on Wikipedia and other tertiary sources, and too little little paid journalism to then serve as sources for Wikipedia itself.

How I hijacked the top-level domain of a sovereign state

He registered an expired domain used by the .cd ccTLD. Great report.

Adobe ended Flash support, and a previous update added a kill-switch that prevents it from running after Jan 2021.

Could've been handled in a more archive-friendly manner…, at least we have open ports:

6. Why?
> to help secure your system.
8. Will Adobe make previous versions available?
> No. has removed the download page.
9. Should I use third-party sites?
> No.

Why are the questions not selectable text?
> We don't know.

"Stealing Private YouTube Videos, One Frame at a Time"
by David Schütz

Neatly found bug, and great showcase of how a pen tester goes to work on a complex system.

"barely controlled chaos"

Adam Savage on his stint at ILM, building models and props for Hollywood, and the art of "turd polishing".


@alienghic @craigmaloney

Yeah, Bitcoin is publicly traded with no company valuation or bank account to judge prices by.

But, the same is true for gold, oil.. and fiat currencies!

At least gold, oil, and BTC have a fundamental value based on gathering cost (if too cheap, it's left in the ground, when it rises, more cost is afforded to mine), plus demand/scarcity.

Bitcoin is crazy expensive to mine, and guaranteed scarce. Even at current highs, miners barely breaks even after 2+ years.

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