"PHP RFC: Deprecate autovivification on false"

Nice to see the language mature. I'm not a fan of all recently passed RFCs, but this is one of those slow-and-steady ones I'm happy to see get landed.

They grow up so fast, don't they? 😢🤗


Migrated my RSS subscriptions from Feedly to self-hosted FreshRSS. Just a script with sqlite file or mysql, drop on any Apache (shared) hosted (sub)domain. Done!


I already use NetNewsWire as client, which released FreshRSS support for syncing feeds, read mark, stars.

Export from Feedly as OPML. Folders carry over. Stars and read marks don't (no standard for that, yet).

Inspired by stevegattuso.me/2020/11/30/sel

"Profiling live Wikipedia traffic with near-zero overhead"

> Each day of Wikipedia backend traffic yields about 3 million stack trace samples, as collected by Excimer, a new a low-overhead sampling profiler for PHP.

I wrote all about it in this year's Performance Calendar:

👉 calendar.perfplanet.com/2020/p

A collegue of mine ran into this some interesting code behaviour today. I encountered this before, but didn't realize it was still a thing. Fun times!

Can you guess what caused the string to become an integer?

👉 3v4l.org/odIiW

"Impact of using HTTP connection pooling for PHP applications at scale", by Giuseppe Lavagetto (Wikimedia)

- using Envoy,
- backend service's CPU usage went from 2.5 CPU cores to circa 0.8 CPU cores,
- PHP application's latency histogram bucket for <= 100ms went up by 12 percentage points.


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