As of 2018, the US birth rate is approximately 0.455 Miles per hour.

Data source:
H/T 🐦️ lunasorcery

Medium have unveiled their new logo. Its the same as the old one, the black-white old-style font, but now with shorter serif extensions on the letter M.

Oh, and they squeezed a bubbly sex toy in front of it. Because, it's 2020 and we are not afraid!

(Alternatively, I've also heard people see a James Bond intro, sunset film strip, or even ellipsis…)

wind turbine fail, 30s video 

Took place in a suburban area near Djursland, Denmark in 2008.

courtesy of YouTube recommending this 12 year old video to everyone today:

"Making of a Myth", behind Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey.

This excerpt is about how they made the pan float, in 1968, without Chroma-key technology. How did Kubrick's FX team do it?

Full Channel 4 documentary:

This aspect was also covered in the 7-part "How Kubrick made 2001" series:

From Liam O:

> A year ago, nathanwright120 made an edit to [to] indicates that a building in Melbourne had 212 floors instead of 2. […] other edits seem legit, so it appears to have been a typo.
> The error was corrected by another user, BUT, in the interim, Microsoft took an export [for] Flight Simulator 2020.
> The result... this incredible monolith

Further reporting by Igor Bonifacic for Engadget:


Epic changed Fortnite to bypass mandatory payment methods, and did so without actually releasing a software update to the store.

Unsurpringly, Apple and Google both kicked Fortnite off their stores. (Existing copies remain, and thus get to use the new payment method.)

The 1984 parody video Epic Games released along with this stunt is quite powerful. A must-see even if, like me, you're not into video games much or at all.

On January 15th, Wikipedia flipped the switch to discard invalid prefixes on its network transit links.

Article by Arzhel Younsi (Net Ops at Wikimedia Foundation).

This scene from Fringe is resonating with me right now.

The rubble we find our selves in, picking up the pieces, reflecting on the systematic problems we've endured for so long in our society, and where we go from here.

Video: John Noble as Walter Bishop, in Fringe (TV series), playing Only You by Yazoo.

@nolan Is the floating pencil button new?

I couldn't find it in the changelog, and I felt it was in the way.
Perhaps I've simply not noticed before, reading the timeline today?

I did reload the app, and made sure my toot box was clear.
Maybe I've done something silly, to make this button appear? 🙂

Control Center on the upcoming macOS 11 Big Sur.

This looks eeriliy familiar....

Story behind building the Wikipedia search index for the Khmer language.

"the task of composing characters into syllables is left to some combination of the font, operating system, and application."

Earlier today, the 600,000th commit was pushed to Wikimedia's Code Review server.

Time to reflect on our community of developers, be they Wikimedia staff, third-party workers, or volunteers!

Interesting correlation between time spent in apps and user's (self-reported) happiness.

Relatively small scale study. But certainly a perspective I hadn't thought of explicitly before.

Think twice before disabling `user-select` on (part of) a web page.

tip via Remy Sharp (🐦@rem)

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