Earlier today, the 600,000th commit was pushed to Wikimedia's Code Review server.

Time to reflect on our community of developers, be they Wikimedia staff, third-party workers, or volunteers!


Interesting correlation between time spent in apps and user's (self-reported) happiness.

Relatively small scale study. But certainly a perspective I hadn't thought of explicitly before.


Think twice before disabling `user-select` on (part of) a web page.

tip via Remy Sharp (🐦@rem)

"My favorite part of every brand guidelines is the precious Logo Misuse section."

"Imagine if bands started making these!"

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Videos from the Web Performance track by Wikipedia at FOSDOM are up at:


The conference took place Feb 1st in Brussels.

Thanks Nicholas Zakas (@slicknet) for years of dedication to defining and helping others understand the technology around us!

(Image: Wikipedia articles for which his work is an active reference). w.wiki/Cgr

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