There are these characters. You enjoy them, but only need every so often. For me, it's the § (silcrow/section sign).

It's not printed on my key caps, but... I *know* it's up there, somewhere! Hiding behind a number key, in need of an alt and/or shift. And so, inevitably, I just go and riffle


I'm stuck in this local maximum where this genuinely is the quickest way, yet improving muscle memory in no way whatsoever.

I can't be the only one doing this right?

@krinkle For me it's ™ (alt-gr + 8 on an Italian keyboard). § is conveniently shift + ù. :)

I either use BabelMap (similar to CharMap, but with search features) to look up the character, or, if I have a browser open, use my (unpublished) #FiXaNotes extension to copy the appropriate symbol from my quick list stored in my notes.

alternatively you could create your own keyboard layout where you put the symbols behind logical altgr combination?

On German keyboard layouts, it's actually printed. Speaks for the law-abiding attitude, huh?


that's something I kinda miss from the C64 era; having modifier states printed on the side of the keycaps:

(of course that's not really an option on low profile keys of for instance a laptop keyboard...)
But perhaps @krinkle can add stickers to the appropriate keys, which might help train the muscle memory?

@krinkle if you want to invest the time, you could put a little cheat sheet in front of you and then create a game/quiz to match them as quickly as you can until they’re memorized.

Quick, reply back with ∞§™$¶@£¿~™°§∞$¶¢?¶§%∞™&¢!

@krinkle my doctoral thesis was on a project called C∀, and any time I want to type ∀ and am not in a LaTeX environment (including now), I look up the Wikipedia page for universal quantification and copy the character.

@krinkle I happily use the Compose Key, which both lets us use variations for most things (Eg 12 different ways to get the section sign: ), and many of them are inherently memorable ( t+m = ™). It's default in Linux, but apparently exists for win/mac, too!

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