🧵 Wikipedia.org and sister projects, for May 2021:

* 49%: Chrome +Mobile
* 24.7%: Safari +Mobile
* 5.2%: Firefox +Mobile
* 2.8%: Edge
* 2.5%: Samsung Internet
* 2.0%: Chrome iOS
* 1.6%: Google app
* 0.79%: Opera
* 0.72%: IE
* 0.26%: Yandex app
* 0.22%: DuckDuckGo app

100% = 16.4 billion views (desktop+mobile web, no apps, no bots)

Thread special: Browser adoption rates.



Firefox (desktop)

Release cadence: every 4 weeks.
Adoption peak: ~ 87%.
Adoption time: ~ 1 week.

from 1.7% to 78% (2-90% of peak):
* v85: 26 Jan - 3 Feb.
* v86: 23 Feb - 2 Mar.
* v87: 23 Mar - 31 Mar.


@krinkle Are the different curve directions (some go like e^(-x), others like 1-e^(-x))) artifacts of how the versions are sorted in the legend?

RE: browserstats 

@danielhglus Yeah, exactly. You can play with different sorts at the Grafana link.

I found this the least-worst rendering with minimal effort (where minimal is still an hour or so in total).

If I recall correctly, sorting by version name, means you get either indistinguishable colours (majority new versions at the tail end), or a confusing shape.

For some, this effect was particularly bad and for those I tried to make it better by subtly muting lots of smaller versions.

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