I miss the bygone era of very internety things, geocities-style scavenger hunts, easter eggs. So, I made thing. Hope you like it!

@krinkle on the landing page now. very excited to dive in.

sharing just in case you hadn't already come across this:

i know there were a lot of these journeys way back. that's the only one i really knew about or how to do: it is probably what got me on the path to web dev as a passion.

anyway, thanks for building something cool :)

RE: treasure21 


This is great. Thanks for sharing. I got to level3 quickly, I'll save the rest for tomorrow. ♥️

RE: treasure21 


Oh my. It's not a 1-day type of thing, is it? 😅

I misread the Hints page, thinking it had 9 levels, but it actually reports 81 and has since grown to 134 levels, plus various bonus/negative levels. Epic!

I pushed myself to get to level 10, but now I need the "right" audio software. I'll have to pick it up from there some other time, but definitely fun so far.

RE: treasure21 

@krinkle long enough that we formed a small team to try and solve it 😅

we made it to level 60 something before giving up. also found out one person looked up a spoiler for at least one level, so i kinda lost mojo after that.

if you get to the level with a photo like an x-ray, that's as far as we went.

@krinkle Ha, I'm on the second page now! 🍌
This is so cool! Thank you for making this!❤️ 🤗

@krinkle long enough that we formed a mini team of people to work together to try and solve it lol. i think we played for a couple months and quit at level 60 some-odd. That was back in like, spring of '07.

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