covid in sept 2019? Italy. 

It seems Italy already had then-undetected Covid-19 in Sept and Nov 2019. Not 2020, but 2019! This is based on a few hundred blood samples from an unrelated randomised cancer screening trial.

Hypothesis: The genome wasn't published yet, so we weren't (able to) look for it.

Note: Beware of unfounded claims in videos. I've followed Campbell for some time and regularly review the references. Open to hear other angles.

re: covid in sept 2019? Italy. 

@krinkle haven't watched the video, but I'd say it's well accepted that Covid was already present in Italy in late 2019. See e.g. with tests from December 2019

re: covid in sept 2019? Italy. 


Thanks, hadn't heard of the wastewater angle yet. Interesting.

The Tumori study referenced in the video suggests they were infected in late Aug 2019, to be sampled first week of Sept 2029.

re: covid in sept 2019? Italy. 

@krinkle There were similar findings in Turkey. I had an absurdly tough "flu" around Dec 2019, I was even tested for swine flu. Come March I had many similar stories from other people too. There's no way of knowing, but I still do suspect that was some early form of covid19

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