@krinkle @rakhim but, but, I only made one of those :'c, at least as of now xD

@krinkle @rakhim @celia Are you saying you’d like to hear more about my custom static site generator? :-)

@krinkle @rakhim I'd place myself as org-mode fan. I've not used it for blogging, but in principle there's no reason why you couldn't do that.

@krinkle @rakhim I'm partially hit by this. I mean, I've had a few blogs here and there over the years. My current one is self-built static site generator, but I've also never written so much on one of my blogs before.13 posts so far on the HTTP side, 33 on the Gemini side (most of the HTTP ones are also available on Gemini). That's not much in any absolute sense, but only *one* post is about my setup :D

@krinkle @rakhim Feeling this. I use #hugo... and only published one post in the last couple months.

@krinkle I'm in this picture and I don't like it. Maybe I'd be more productive if I stopped fiddling with org-mode and just wrote raw html or even plain text.

Anybody have links to "Cool MIT Professor" blogs? My RSS feed needs more cool stuff.

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