We're all one of today's lucky "Ten Thousand" at some point, and likely will be many more times in the future.

Each of us take turns filling up on things that "most" people seem to know, for I have yet to meet one who knows all those "most people" things! (non-overlapping subsets etc etc).

Be kind to today's lucky Ten Thousand! ♥️

(H/T @celia)


This is hands down one of my favorite comics of all time; I think about it often.

I come off a little strong when people don't want to be one of the 10,000 and I'm not picking up on it though 😅

"I kinda just wanted to chill and relax on my day off and now we're $200 and four hours deep into diet coke and mentos and you could have just sent me the link to that cool youtube video with the guys in the lab coats with sprinkler head rube goldberg machine"


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