I saw 49 of these. Quite a few of my all-time favourites are in here, did not expect that!

(Not seen Braveheart)

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@krinkle I've seen all but Shutter Island! I watched the trailer and I feel like I've been living in an alternate timeline where this movie never existed. How have I not heard of it?

@nolan Masterpiece if you ask me. I wish I could relive my first-time watching it. Lucky you :)

@krinkle Well I think Braveheart is pretty good too (although keep in mind I was probably 13 when I last watched it 😂)

@krinkle 45. Super interesting but utterly unsurprising that all of these movies are circa 1990 at the earliest. Also pretty sad that American Beauty is on that list given that Kevin Spacey has proven himself to be human garbage.


(Nods twice)

I remember when I first got on IMDb there were more classics on this list that I've since enjoyed catching up on but have dropped off the list as generations rolled over. I may've been born 10-20 years too late for my taste.

@krinkle 96%. I've seen all of these, except for 18. and 44.

@krinkle I've watched 44 of those. Most of them are good films.

@krinkle 26, if I include a few 'I must surely have seen this even if I don't remember '

@krinkle 26, if I count "Batman Begins" despite missing the first 15-20 minutes of it.

@krinkle 43. Not bad, only 7 left and I'd heard of them all just missed a few somehow. :)

@krinkle I've seen about 21 on that list.
I don't always tend to watch the most popular (or most liked) movies, something a movie that a majority of people don't like could actually be a good movie.

@g "Most liked" is often an anti-indicator for me as well, perhaps even to steer away from.

Having said that, as an active appreciator of writing and cinematography having seen over 700 films past decade, I did unknowingly see most of these.

I haven't sought these out to watch, but I did recently look for films that were popular on IMDb ~10y ago. But, most of those aren't on this list anymore today...

@krinkle all of them except Shutter Island, Schindler's List and American History X.

@krinkle Probably only if "most people" = "people within the sphere of the Hollywood entertainment industrial complex"

@jaranta I think there's some of that, yes. Perhaps even more so with box office numbers. I avoid those because the dopamine success of a trailer on "most people" or more counting attempts to endure a film socially; tend not to align with my taste in films.

It would seem that the more geeky audience of people caring to collaborate on IMDb do share (some) of my taste.

I've also seen in some cases that they align because of how much "they" hate or don't get a film, thus accumulating votes!

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