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May be we can't have nice things because nice things are open-source (FLOSS), and thus make it likely and easy for small mistakes to create public and disproportionate pile-ons.

When you publicly set a goal for yourself, it's one thing to attract people that share the spirit or your goal. It's another to attract people that shame you for not following the letter once, and declare absolute failure and call for ending.

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"Ignorance is bliss"

Tucking stuff away behind compile code raises the barrier to entry and not making your goal explicitly public, at least means most people generally leave you alone (in a good way I mean).


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@krinkle When I write something new that I think might get a lot of attention, I'm always afraid there is a mistake somewhere that is going to get me piled on.

The only solution I've found is to be humble, admit mistakes, never claim I've found the "one true solution," etc.

I think it's a good attitude to have in general, but ironically you get less attention that way. "Strong Statement About Foo" is the surest way to get attention online

questionable opinion, floss 

@krinkle i have been reflecting lately that certain aspects of FLOSS culture / the broader technical culture it's embedded in are sort of like an overactive immune system that frequently attacks the host.

change is often aggressively resisted in our communities, and while i rely on that resistance to stop harmful things, i also find that it can cause a ton of collateral damage - even in cases where it's warranted.

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