The "server-side rendering" trend is great (aka: serve a web page), but when the goal is progressive enhancement it's easy to mistake the technicalities for an end result.

Serving HTML and doing something in JS is not "progressive" nor "enhancing" if the HTML is unusable by itself, with visible-yet-nonfunctional UI elements, requiring seconds of interaction-blocking JS execution before it is scrollable and clickable.

Blog post by @adactio

@krinkle @adactio This is a good post, although "they probably can’t even scroll" is usually not true. Most scrolling happens off-main-thread unless a global non-passive touch*/wheel listener is added.

So: clicking no, scrolling yes.

@nolan Agreed, for modern browsers on desktop and smart phones.

On feature-phones with KaiOS/Firefox, however, I find that a JS-heavy site can stutter a lot, or even lock up the device for seconds, when trying to scroll.

I have yet to determine the root causeo of this, but, I did confirm there were no 'touch' or 'wheel' event handlers, and that a copy of the same page without any scripts scrolled smoothly.

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