Turns out there are still people making web browsers that aren't based on WebKit or Gecko. Here's an article about a browser called Flow: quirksmode.org/blog/archives/2

0 A.D. will be present at FOSDEM’20 in Brussels on February 1st and 2nd.

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers from around the world to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

Some of our devs will be manning a stand Saturday and Sunday (Building K level 1 (group C): stand 6), and on Saturday, Vladislav Belov will be giving a talk about 0 A.D.’s graphics pipeline at 11:15 – 12:00 in the Game Development devroom K.3.201. Stan`, one of our devs, will co-host the Game Development devroom.

Having documentation in Markdown files *in* the repository alongside the code, instead of on a CMS or wiki, can be great:

- It pops up in code searches.
- It can be kept up-to-date while refactoring.
- It is wherever the code is (text editor, Git UI, tarball download)

Inspired by twitter.com/HugoGiraudel/statu

"In the 48 hours after Prince died, his artcile got 11 million pageviews on Wikipedia - 66,000% higher than normal traffic."

This is an comprehensive and interactive tool, built by The Pudding, which analyzes three years of Wikipedia traffic.


"[...] ten years ago, a small team of web developers at YouTube conspired to kill IE6."


I wish every software project, especially the free software ones, started with a high level architecture diagram and a 25-words-or-less summary of what the project is about.

In 1998, a programmer who had been working on Y2K fixes started to get anxious because he couldn't believe how pervasive the problem was. He switched from company to company trying to get away from it, but everywhere he went he became regarded as the Y2K expert and immediately became the team lead for that company's Y2K contingencies. He finally had a nervous breakdown, quit his job, and decided he wanted to be knocked unconscious when the Y2K actually came about.

A month before Y2K he was put into an artificial coma and cooled down to a near cryogenic easily sustained long term life support.

Unfortunately the life support notification system had a Y2K bug, and no one revived him for 8000 years.

Finally he was found and revived. He woke up, and saw himself surrounded by lots of glass, light, stainless steel, and tall beautiful people in white robes. He asked if he was in Heaven.

They replied, "No, this is Chicago. Actually but it's a lot like Heaven to someone like you."

"Someone like me?"

"You are from the 20th century. Many of the problems that existed in your lifetime have been solved for thousands of years. There is no hunger and no disease. There is no scarcity, or strife between races and creeds."

"What year is it now?"

"Yeah, about that - it's the year 9,998. You see, the year 10,000 is coming up, and we understand you know something called COBOL?"

For the billionth time, explode(), I really don't need an array with a single empty string when I hand you a null. We've been through this. Do better.

We moved our company from Slack to self-hosted Rocket.chat. Better information hygiene (data on our own server), lots cheaper, yet the same experience using it.


#infohygiene #infosec #pkm #rocketchat #slack #thegreenland

Reflecting on a year of contributing to the open web and its various browsers, with @briankardell of Igalia.


Disabling message notifications on iPhone has made my life better the last few weeks. I still allow icon badge counts and audio dings, but when wake my phone there are no snippets of communication that might be distract me - just a blank lock screen with the time. My mind tends to start 'working on it' as soon as I see a message, so it's a relief to finally choose the moment to give attention to email and texts. I would recommend giving it a try if you have similar inclinations.

Found fantastic covers of the classic song (and rediscovered some I had forgotten..)

"The life of A-ha's Take On Me", written by Jude Rogers
via @juderogers


New blog post: "One year of Pinafore" nolanlawson.com/2019/06/02/one

My reflections on the last year (ish) of working on #Pinafore.

Thanks Nicholas Zakas (@slicknet) for years of dedication to defining and helping others understand the technology around us!

(Image: Wikipedia articles for which his work is an active reference). w.wiki/Cgr

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