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I miss the bygone era of very internety things, geocities-style scavenger hunts, easter eggs. So, I made thing. Hope you like it!

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George Orwell.
George O. Welles.

... not quite the same!


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Oh, and apparently we've been doing this since 1901, with successful submarine trials (domestically) going back to the 1840s. I had no idea it went back that far!

They've had some upgrades, of course. At the time, they were telegraphy cables. Later telephone. And now, we're on multi-terrabits-per-second optical fibers.

The map looks surprisingly similar. Makes me think there are probably highly-specific terrain considerations that lend itself to these routes?

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facebook, giphy 

Well, this is interesting:

UK orders Facebook to sell Giphy, rejects Meta’s proposed merger conditions

I started some notes about what it would take to get rid of this from PHP, code-wise it's literally one line. But of course the real battle is convincing people it's a misfeature that is actively harmful.

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“Complexity is killing software developers - InfoWorld”

Related to my Software Crisis 2.0 essay. Dev in general has taken a wrong turn. Possibly several.

Daniel’s weekly report November 26, 2021
Microsoft, oss-fuzz, Baldur's gate3, hyper headers, hair-tearing, curl-www, proselint.

And now it's… Springtime For Crypto

You've heard of the AI Winter, right? The period where funding for AI dried up due to products failing to meet their hype. I think we're now in Springtime For Crypto1 - named after the musical "Springtime for Hitler" from movie The Producers - where scams abound.

You should take a couple of hours to watch The Producers. Either the 1

#/etc/ #blockchain #crypto #NaBloPoMo #scam

Users of linux distros, what is your preferred package format when not using your distro's repositories?

If you prefer something not listed please reply.

Boosts welcome.

International expressions for something that happens rarely:

* Once in a blue moon (English).
* Once in a Hungarian year (Czech).
* Once in a Russian year (Polish).
* Once between the harvest of grapes and the harvest of pears (Spanish).

* Every death of a pope (Italian: "ogni morte di papa").


H/T @ladsgroup
#english #word #linguistics

WordFest Live’s call for speakers is still open and we need your pitches. You do have a story to tell and it doesn’t matter if that story is technical, beginner level, advanced or anything else. It’s valid. Submit it here and tell the world.

I wasn't sure what to expect. Was Marc going to colour in his political views on-air? Was he going to attack cancel culture? Or defend it?

I was quickly pleased to realise it's neither. 'Twas rather a refreshing depolarizing chat about what stuff means, what's changed, and what hasn't changed throughout the 1900s and late 1800s. History matters. Not to justify actions today, but to understand what worked, what didn't, what got better, and what hasn't (yet). #podcasts

An intriguing C++ quiz,
by Dragos Barosan.

Given class Derived extends Parent and both define the same method, how different will these two instances of Derived behave and why?

`Derived *x=new Derived;`
`Parent *x = new Derived;`


Some current #podcasts I enjoy:
- Akimbo.
- More or Less.
- Song Exploder.
- Cortex.

Past timeless podcasts:
- 13 Minutes to the Moon, by Kevin Fong.
- 50 Things Modern Economy, by Tim Harford.
- Stephen Fry's 7 Deadly Sins.
- You're Wrong About.
- David Tennant Does A Podcast.

🔗 The Twelve-Factor App

Each time I come back to this doc I appreciate its advice even more.

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