@nolan Is the floating pencil button new?

I couldn't find it in the changelog, and I felt it was in the way.
Perhaps I've simply not noticed before, reading the timeline today?

I did reload the app, and made sure my toot box was clear.
Maybe I've done something silly, to make this button appear? 🙂

Has anyone figured out a good way to do sandboxing on Linux for development purposes?

I.e. let's say you're a Ruby/Node/whatever developer. Installing dependencies is great, but they can have security risks. I'd like to `npm install` in a VM or sandbox or something.

Has anybody done this in a reasonable way? I can set up a VM and sync files back and forth (so my IDE can edit them) but that seems like a lot of work.

I saw 49 of these. Quite a few of my all-time favourites are in here, did not expect that!

(Not seen Braveheart)

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Exclusive interview with Alan Kay about the web, history/future of modern computing, and the role he played at PARC and later with Apple.

Super interesting! H/T @ikt


Here's some of the stuff available in the mstdn.store. The store is run by me and @stux, who owns mstdn.social. About a third of every purchase goes toward supporting us and paying for the mstdn.social server. mstdn.social mstdn.store

"The Browser Engine That Could" by Jay Hoffman thehistoryoftheweb.com/how-a-b

Good history of WebKit/Blink. It's kind of interesting to imagine alternative histories (Presto being more popular, e.g. because of Wii or other devices, Google choosing to start with a non-WebKit codebase, etc.).

*Social Media*

Are we only engaged
If we are enraged?

Do we become less connected
If we do not feel rejected?

Do we just dislike as sappy
Those who just seem happy?

Must the social medium
Be full of angry tedium?

I vote to be convivial,
And offer something trivial.


"From context collapse to content collapse" by Nicholas Carr roughtype.com/?p=8724

Good summary of how social media has homogenized the media landscape, and how people are trying to escape context collapse by seeking more private online spaces.

This independent comparison finds WebP has a fairly narrow sweet spot for a certain type and dimension of photos where it is ~9% smaller than JPEG.

For other types and sizes it is on-par.. or larger?


questionable opinion, floss 

"Ignorance is bliss"

Tucking stuff away behind compile code raises the barrier to entry and not making your goal explicitly public, at least means most people generally leave you alone (in a good way I mean).


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questionable opinion, floss 

May be we can't have nice things because nice things are open-source (FLOSS), and thus make it likely and easy for small mistakes to create public and disproportionate pile-ons.

When you publicly set a goal for yourself, it's one thing to attract people that share the spirit or your goal. It's another to attract people that shame you for not following the letter once, and declare absolute failure and call for ending.

javascript events, memory leak 

Apparently browsers GC handling can sometimes integrate knowledge of which events can and can't happen.

Haven't confirmed this across browsers (yet), but means otherwise awkward tracking can be avoided. It also probably explains why some very common idioms around XHR and Promise don't leak memory. Which I never thought they would anyway, but didn't really know why.


Interesting correlations (and lack thereof) between "Save Data" preferences and various national socio-economic statistics, income distribution, cost of bandwidth, device, and connectivity type.

Also, data is really cheap in India! … and in most of Europe; whilst insanely expensive in the US, topped only by Canada and the Cayman Islands.


Control Center on the upcoming macOS 11 Big Sur.

This looks eeriliy familiar....

It's easy to mistake or dismiss an act of racism for something else. Thinking that one can't know what the person really intended or meant. I tend to see the positive side of things and try to assume good faith. This post reminded me that sometimes that makes me blind to structural racism – unable to connect the dots, to see the pattern.

"What It’s Like Not Being White", by Laila.

This is from 2015, and its as relevant today as it was then.


What are some qualities and behavior you expect from a senior engineer?

I couldn't have thought of these if you'd ask me before but.. now that I read this list, I find it resonating with me. It captures much of what I believe in.

I don't know if, or how much, this would be perceived as "alternate", but at least for me I previously thought these to be gut feelings and quirks not many people shared.

What do you think?


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