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I miss the bygone era of very internety things, geocities-style scavenger hunts, easter eggs. So, I made thing. Hope you like it!

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Oh, and apparently we've been doing this since 1901, with successful submarine trials (domestically) going back to the 1840s. I had no idea it went back that far!

They've had some upgrades, of course. At the time, they were telegraphy cables. Later telephone. And now, we're on multi-terrabits-per-second optical fibers.

The map looks surprisingly similar. Makes me think there are probably highly-specific terrain considerations that lend itself to these routes?

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George Orwell.
George O. Welles.

... not quite the same!


The Great Pyramid of Giza, from a new perspective.

Alexander Ladanivskyy flew a drone with a high resolution camera over top of the Great Pyramid. That alone is an amazing perspective. Such a recognizable icon if there ever was one, but never from this perspective.

Ladanivskyy then got very very close up! It's easy to forget how big the Pyramid is. Of course it's not a straight-edged triangle, but have you really thought about it? #kottke #photography #giza

Heading towards curl eight - Turning 25 and bumping the major version number on the same day should be fun.

We've got 23,000 signatures to give Apple, asking them not to implement their new phone scanning plan.

Help us get to 25,000:

Did you know 0 A.D. features a multiplayer lobby?
It's running on the Open Source technology @xmpp .

#opensource #indiegamedev #free

This is what worries me about apple’s privacy pivot and tech in general. The alternatives take a lot of privilege and many can’t use them.

New blog post: "How to write about web performance"

Wherein I talk about why it's important for non-browser engineers to write about browser performance, and how I go about doing it without (mostly) shooting myself in the foot.

Back on my vague thoughts about writing a tutorial on building modern PHP apps without frameworks. It’s not as much “reinvent the wheel” as it is “learn the wheels that are built-in.”

TIL, Wikipedia editors maintain a list of when (not) to consider a source reliable.

I was familiar with the guideline for sources that are (almost) entirely disallowed, [1] but this is a more elaborate and nuanced list. It's important to remember that our world is rarely boolean!


Superb deep dive on rust compile optimisation with CI caching, examining usage of monomorphisation, and graphing the build tree:

Best Bulk Data PAYG SIMs in the UK

I want to buy a big chunk of data and use it until it runs out. I'm not interested in a contract. I don't want a phone calls, SMS, or ringtones. Just give me DATA that lasts for as long as possible.

Here's the best data deals that I could find. Stick them in your 2nd SIM slot, use them as broadband backup, or shove in a dongle and attach to a Rasp

#/etc/ #data #mobile #payg #sim

RT @elaragon
"Feminist interventions were successful at adding content about women, but they are less successful at addressing structural biases that limit the visibility of that content" — @ILangrock @AnnenbergPenn


Great timing on this, since it addresses the same concerns we raise in the post: the requirement that the system WebKit be the only browser engine on iOS is not only dishonest and shoddy, but it leaves all of us without any leverage to fix the situation. Apple gets to create roadblocks to features, keep their browser in a state of disrepair, and then use that environment as evidence for further neglect.

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If you took a drink every time an economist used "network effects" to explain why Big Tech is so big, you'd get very, very drunk.

To be fair to economists, network effects *are* important to the Big Tech story.

A system is said to have network effects if it gets better when more people use it. That certainly describes Facebook - you join FB because of the friends that are already there, and then someone else joins because you're there.


"Right-to Left Support for Websites" with Moriel Schottlender.

In this casual and accessible chat, one the leading experts on internationalization on the web walks you through the world of RTL, how and why it's hard for both native and web, andecdotes of how we solved them at large for Wikipedia. Issues with page layouts, site themes, user input, forms, etc.

(I worked with her on the VisualEditor team. She's awesome!)

"I accidentally took down GitHub Actions" by Teddy Katz.

I had considered that this might happen, so I […] deleted my fork, [but the URL] still returned a 404, meaning that I’d accidentally broken everyone’s builds with no way to fix them.

Don't build your systems atop Git shorthashes, kids — They're for display purposes only!

Katz's blog is a great one to follow, with posts on other interesting exploits as well.

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