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We're all one of today's lucky "Ten Thousand" at some point, and likely will be many more times in the future.

Each of us take turns filling up on things that "most" people seem to know, for I have yet to meet one who knows all those "most people" things! (non-overlapping subsets etc etc).

Be kind to today's lucky Ten Thousand! ♥️

(H/T @celia)

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"The land before modern APIs" by Darius Kazemi

Nice history of HTTP status codes.

The numeric codes are assigned by groups [to] hopefully cover other protocols besides RJE (like FTP).

This is from RFC 360, about a Remote Job Entry protocol (RJE), submitted in 1972. You know you're in deep, when reading a three-digit IETF RFC!

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"Profiling live Wikipedia traffic with near-zero overhead"

> Each day of Wikipedia backend traffic yields about 3 million stack trace samples, as collected by Excimer, a new a low-overhead sampling profiler for PHP.

I wrote all about it in this year's Performance Calendar:


Come take a trip with me down memory lane:

CD-MAN (DOS, 1989)

I used to play this as a kid in the early 90s. Before that I had only seen Pac-Man on the Atari 2600, which was a rather lousy version of this classic.

Here you had to collect keys to unlock parts of the map. Also, no ghosts, but spiders instead. CD-MAN still looks like Pac-Man tho 😆

"Breaking GitHub Private Pages for $35k",
by Robert Chen and ginkoid.

Interesting combination of techniques to effectively bypass cross-origin restrictions. Learned a thing or two.

lambda functions are more powerful than other functions because they have no name and thus cannot be bent to the will of an evil magician

People argue about feet/inches versus meters, but there's only one true universal measurement system.

📝New blog post 🎉

Is WebAssembly magic performance pixie dust✨? Can you replace JavaScript with Wasm and things get faster?

➡️ JS to AssemblyScript
➡️ Benchmarking & Profiling
➡️ Debugging the runtime
➡️ Comparing file size
➡️ also feat Rust & C++


QUnit 2.15

🐛 Fix TAP output to support cyclical objects.
🐛 Fix strict mode compatibility.
🕵️‍♂️ The test page's filter input now trims any whitespace to improve matching.

Thanks to Zachary Mulgrew, Edward Faulkner @ef4, Nathaniel Furniss, Ray Cohen, and Steve McClure for their contributions!

Download: and sister projects, operating system stats for the first week of April 2021:

* 32.2%: Android
* 26.0%: Windows
* 24.6%: iOS
* (9.2%: Other)
* 6.6%: macOS
* 0.9%: Linux (incl. Ubuntu)
* 0.5%: Chrome OS

Show thread and sister projects, browser stats for March 2021:

* 49%: Chrome, Chrome Mobile
* 23.7%: Safari, Mobile Safari
* 5.1%: Firefox, Firefox Mobile
* 2.7%: Edge
* 2.6%: Samsung Internet
* 1.7%: Google app
* 1.9%: Chrome Mobile iOS
* 0.81%: Opera
* 0.79%: Internet Explorer
* 0.27%: Yandex
* 0.15%: DuckDuckGo app

100% = 17.5 billion views (desktop+mobile web, no apps, no bots)

Web Monetization is a JavaScript browser API that allows the creation of a payment stream from the user agent to the website.

This proposed W3C standard is now live on Mojeek; you can read more on our blog:

Remotely connecting to computers was done before ARPANET. What ARPANET did was to standardize the way to communicate with computers over a network.

#Computers #Networking #ComputerHistory #NetworkingHistory #Arpanet #Internet

Secretive private equity investors shouldn't have the power to censor websites by suspending their domains. With Ethos Capital taking control of Donuts, ICANN should demand contract changes to prevent censorship.

"Origins of the youtube-dl project", from its creator, Ricardo García.

my only choice for home Internet access so far had been a dial-up [at] 4 KB/sec. I got myself a 3G modem and data plan limited to 5GB. I had to be selective when using the network. youtube-dl helped to prevent me from downloading large video files multiple times. […]

Jim Salter, for Ars Technica, on Rust being considered for some utilities and drivers in the Linux kernel:

The great thing about C is that it's not assembly language.

[…] the Rust port might replace the original GNU Coreutils in some environments—offering thread safety and immunity to memory management errors. […] Torvalds goes on to describe device drivers as obvious low-hanging fruit for potential new work to be done in Rust.

It's not every day you read a stackoverflow answer that includes:

> … and I've been doing HTTP for a while (I am the main developer of curl).

Thanks @bagder for helping the community in this way. These answers will be helpful for decades to come I'm sure! ♥️

"The Performance Inequality Gap, 2021" by Alex Russell.

An absolute must-read if you develop for the web – regardless of experience level; or have any interest in frontend, javascript, or performance.

Here, @slightlyoff brings well-written insights on where we stand, how we got here; reminding us that which matters most. A much needed voice in the aftermath of the 2010s decade; a decade driven by hype, denial, and bloat. and sister projects, by operating system in last week of February 2021:

* 30.7%: Android
* 26.3%: Windows
* 23.7%: iOS
* (11.1%: Other)
* 6.7%: macOS
* 1.3%: Linux (incl. Ubuntu)
* 0.2%: Chrome OS

With December and January behind us, we see this year too had its "temporal shift to mobile" holiday. Each year, some 10% of traffic shifts from desktop Windows and macOS, to mobile Android and iOS; and back a month later.

And, we're continuing to see steady 0.1% increases in Linux!

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