Thank you all for downloading and testing my LDD Linux
1000 downloads over the weekend :-)

Hi @distrotube ,

Would it be possible that you could do a distro review of my LDD Linux (Customized Debian)?
I am still fixing some configuration issues and uploading new images so I recommend to try MATE or Ultra edition.

In case of issues related to exo-utils (there is some bug for that in Debian) run:
sudo apt install libexo-1-0

Jacek Kowalczyk

To All fans of custom
I fixed small issues with switching of Xsessions and fixed 32 bit image.
Refreshed custom , and , 32 and 64 bit images were uploaded
All variants have DWM, Openbox and i3.
live-openbox images are by default start Openbox in live mode and use lightdm
live-multi-session images allow to choose and switch GUI session in live mode and does not use lightdm but initrc scripts

, , , , ,

To All fans of custom
I fixed small issues with switching of Xsessions and fixed 32 bit image. Refreshed custom @dwm, and , , images were uploaded

@kalilinux, @_elwood_, @photoitsu, @0x0jason, @TobiasMallo
To All fans of custom
I am builing new refreshed custom , and , .
I am building 32 and 64 bit images.
These are unofficial Kali Linux images.

Once I have images I will publish them so you can download them at:

, , @openbox, , ,

@vermaden Ok It looks it is virtualbox issue. I am playing around with settings, at intel HD it seems to work a bit better.

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Hi @vermaden
I think you may help me. I am running in virtualbox and I have some issue with playig audio and video files. audio files are distorted a bit and slowed down. and for viedos it does not work at all. But it was working all fine two weeks ago. Do you know what could be causing it ?

I am running freebsd-update upgrade -r 12.0-RELEASE
I hope it will work

==> part6
Hi Derek Taylor

Derek, I would like to ask you if you could do a review of this custom Kali Linux distribution?
I recommend to start review from Openbox and then go through i3 to DWM.

Thanks in advance
Jacek Kowalczyk

, , , , ,

==> end of part6

==> part5
Hi Derek Taylor

System has three window managers:DWM, Openbox and i3wm. At lightdm screen you can select which "desktop" to login:
DWM - stock DWM from the debian repo,
Custom-DWM - customized a bit (Win Key as ModKey) latest DWM compiled from the official repo code,
Openbox - my openbox setup with conky, The most user friendly.
i3 - my i3 setup with conky.

==> end of part5

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