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dont use it : )


Windows 10 Search Is Broken and Shows Blank Results, How to Fix - by

do people really use windows tho


Checkra1n for Windows first demo!!🔥🔥

Coming Soon!!

What exciting stuff should I do on my birthday?

Scaringly close to me nowadays


I saw a developer today.

No company swag hoodie.
No stickers on their laptop.
No mechanical keyboard.
No Windows or macOS.

He just sat there.
Typing away in vim IDE running on Arch Linux and older ThinkPad.
Like a psychopath.

Weather update: its -21❄️ - February 4, 2020 at 06:01PM

this thread is a trainwreck and a fucking half lmao






✔️police officer



Use your language to fight gender bias with gender-neutral expressions!

why the fuck is the NSA tweeting from an iPhone.

are you fine over there, you need some help managing your stuff?



You may have seen some information today in regards to Here's NSA's official statement:

The domain is a legacy Domain Name Service entry. The prior hosting server required this entry to support (1/2)

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I published #Fedilab 2.29.1 that brings some fixes:

- Mentions with delete & re-draft for Pleroma accounts
- Nitter timelines with the pull-down for refresh
- Remove notification bar for Android 8-
- Fix "No Internet connection" error on some instances when posting
- Improvements with the talkback.

It's already available on the Playstore

me releasing literally anything


Fuck it, YOLO!

22:00:03 up 3 days, 8:32, load average: 0.16, 0.24, 0.26

Also I absolutely fucking love Fedilab as an client.

It just works™

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@fedilab Here's an interesting problem to solve; content warnings on web embeds?

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Not very long until 14 February when is the international "I love #FreeSoftware day".

Use the chance today to come to our #fosdem booth and equip yourself with our #IloveFS #postcards, #ballons, #stickers and #shirts.

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