Finland 2

Finland 2


Special edition

Union Jack Scotland (1606)
Portugal (1095)
Union Jack Portugal:

if this is true, ill be an very very happy man!


Instead of buying that overpriced Japanese magazine, I decided to buy "GTA - The Trilogy" for PS2 from US.

I hope, I will get "new stock" version with music tracks removed. This will give me a chance to prove that they are still producing GTA discs on PS2, but with limited OST.

im wondering if i could break the qr code generation /
somehow gain access to the system /
enable some kind of developer mode /
break the app and see how it works and make my own .... etc etc :=)


first day proper in San Francisco, been here about an hour. Wanted to take a piss. Refused to install app so server printed me out a single use QR code. How do you people accept living like this

i need keycaps


Sometimes we have to remind ourselves these keycaps aren't food 🤤

do people really use windows tho


Checkra1n for Windows first demo!!🔥🔥

Coming Soon!!

Also I absolutely fucking love Fedilab as an client.

It just works™

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