Stand with CB stations in Romanian DIY store Dedeman. That's what I call a strong radio culture.

Fellow , I am choosing my very first HF antenna for QRP setup. I have two options: SOTA "Aerial-51, Model 404-UL" from 40m to 6m, as they say. The other variant is W3DZZ 80m-40m.

I guess, there are more fun for field operator and SWL on 40m and less. Am I right?

some brief yet interesting description on radio jamming during the cold war. Photos are amazing, thsose antennas are huge

OK, I'm finally in
Some time ago I was thinking of creating a distributed DB for collective radio monitoring. And I guess it's time to return to that idea

I've took a rock sample from a small old forgotten mine nearby. The clicks of my counter over it were promising. Because I am now living in a basement, full of radon and natural emission from building materials, the background in a room is around 0.20uSv/h. Though I set a measuring lab in a trunk of my car. :freddiecat: science!

I even had to go out at night, under the storm to open the window in Geiger counter. Unfortunately the readings showed nothing in the morning. No luck for today

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Today my beacon was recieved by a station located 155km away. I was operating on an Yaesu HT with stock rubber duck antenna.

My last "high score" was a recieving beacon at a 101 distance with the same HT+ant.

APRS was my reason to get a callsign and it still motivates and encourages me. A DX without bothering anyone, just L2 communication in background representing the people's contrbution in a world-wide p2p network. Amazing!

Need radio HAM's advice. How do you call a mode where, different values (0, 1, DELIMITER) are coded with full cycle of sqare wave of different timings. e.g.:
🭽🭾🭼🭿 - 1 (1ms)
🭽🭶🭾🭼🭻🭿 - 0 (2ms)
🭽🭶🭶🭾🭼🭻🭻🭿 - DELIMIT (3ms)

Because of the russian invasion I've entirely forgot about the special days. :(

Happy radio amateur day to everyone involved! 73!

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The fossil skull of Deinotherium Gigantissimum from museum of Natural history emitting ~2.5 uSv/h (γ + β + α).

Deinotherium species have entered Europe at about 5 million years ago, at late Miocene and disappeared at early Pleistocene - 2 mya. According to quick spectroscopy, the skull is contaminated with Radium-226, which had been substituting Calcium in bones for millions of years.

A few fossils of the same age in mentioned museum were as well.

Time for
Web-diving in opposite to surfing: abandoned web 1.0 static sites/eepsites/hidden services/gopher holes

I was running a hackerspace in Kyiv before Russian invasion. We had a exchange for SIP and old phones

There are more points of interest around if you are holding a counter.

Amateur operator. Don't DX much. More into packet radio, scanning, decoding.

I can be entertained by any kind of , ending up with water treatment or power industry

As soon as I am interested in digital modes now, I'll leave it for tomorrow me to do the synopsis to my zettel:

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Remember Twitter's super uber-secret project Bluesky? They finally explained what they're up to, and it's spicy 🌶️

So spicy that I had to write a 1,200 blog post one what exactly it entails. Key learning: Twitter doesn't like Mastodon. 🧵

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Congratulations to the #EuropeanParliament for having passed the motion for a resolution on the #RightToRepair with a vast majority: 509 in favor, 3 against, 13 abstain. In it is written that: [1/4]

#Ecodesign #UpcyclingAndroid #FreeSoftware

Back then, in 2018 was a thing, in comparison to React. Today JS, what is basically a "Lisp with Java synthax" went further along the functional programming road. Transcompilers, macros, styled components - it all has a notable flavour of s-expressions to me.

It's obvious that cljs won't make it to the enterprise widely, but it's always marvelous to play with. Why comunity is so afraid of parentheses?

The remainings of a radio mast in the old town of Chisinau. Nowadys it servs mainly as a tower for GSM equipement. It was at least two times longer and there were a second pole nearby. They were used as a 'radio shiled' against the 'enemy voices' - an HF broadcasting from all around the world. There were more than a 1000 of such towers, around the USSR. Check the 'horns' of dipoles on the old photo of this tower:
sample of the noise:

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