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baby: piracy is stealing so its bad

growing: piracy and stealing are different because nobody loses anything when you pirate so its good

ascendant: piracy is stealing so its good

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Nature: Humans don't go very fast.
Humans: But what if we strapped ourselves to-

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uspol, primary schedule 

This is when you vote:

March 10th:
Idaho, Michigan, Missisipi, Missouri, North Dakota, Washington

March 17th:
Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Ohio

March 24th:

March 29th:
Puerto Rico

April 4th:
Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Wyoming

April 7th:

April 28th:
Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

April 29th:

May 2nd:
Guam, Kansas

May 5th:

May 12th:
Nebraska, West Virginia

May 19th:
Kentucky, Oregon

June 2nd:
D.C., Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota

June 6th:
Virgin Islands

The deadline to register in your state is right fucking now, it takes 30 seconds just do it you lazy jerk

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@kam@nghieng.net @sir Sanders consistently wins polls with him vs Trump realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2

Also there is leaked footage of Trump admitting he's scared of Sanders

Republicans played the socialist card against Obama too. They'll do it with any of the candidates. I think America might be finally moving past the red scare.

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Owning numbers was a mistake. Not only can you own a number and then sue people for writing down said number, but you can also own all "similar" numbers (such as compressed or slightly modified works). All art, and for that matter, all human knowledge is derived. In most cases copyrights and patents are not even owned by their original authors. Copyright slows technological progress and kills art to make the privileged richer.

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👏 Use 👏 paper 👏 ballots 👏 for 👏 voting 👏 and 👏 count 👏 manually 👏

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The year is 2025

There are five browser cores:
- webkit
- chromium
- gecko
- servo
- youtube-dl, which ended up implementing a full-fledged browser in python to keep successfully downloading videos

brian scrapes a fuckton of recipes from a bougie website 

@bclindner lol nevermind just saw the link you sent. Here's a mirror if needed paste.cf/221dc3f9b68f4e5b7b7cd

brian scrapes a fuckton of recipes from a bougie website 

@bclindner You can use my paste server. Just ftp into paste.cf with the username anonymous and no password. Then put the zip in the incoming folder. The server will generate a link in the form of paste.cf/sha1ofthefilehere.zip

for example paste.cf/052487db6e31164c6572b

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Reminder that we have a guide to git rebasing that's helpful for avoiding this kind of problem: git-rebase.io

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One approach to learning git is to treat it like a necessary evil, something distracting you from the actual thing you're trying to do - you just want to write your program, god dammit. The better approach acknowledges that git is a tool you're likely to use every day, many times a day, for the next 30 years or more, and investing the next few hours into learning about it.

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Imagine not putting stickers on your ThinkPad

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Imagine getting a PhD in order to work in data science for an advertising company.

This post bought to you by Glorified Sysadmin Gang

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malware authors today don't even include ASCII art of laughing skulls in their viruses. where is their respect for the craft

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For real like Bandcamp is exactly the kind of service we *hoped* the internet would give us: “hey, people make things, they set their own price inc. free, we provide the storefront, you buy it and the money goes to the creator, you get it in a DRM-free format and can play it however you want, we just make money to keep going & improving and aren’t a VC-funded nightmare company of rampant reckless growth that will do something nightmarish and implode.”

We need more media platforms like that.

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