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Barinsta is back! Code now hosted on Codeberg.

This fork is unofficial unless community decides otherwise. C&D letters will be ignored.

Barinsta is an alternative and privacy respecting Instagram Android app.

How am I only finding out about @write_as CLI?! This is so cool and definitely how I'll be publishing to my blogs from now on.

As #Signal has had severe problems recently due to its centralised nature, here are some decentralised libre alternatives with Fediverse accounts:

➡️ @snikket_im - Initiative to give XMPP a consistent look and feel on instances and apps, to make it more attractive to new users

➡️ @xmpp - XMPP standards foundation

➡️ @delta - Decentralised messaging through email

➡️ @matrix - Best known for the Element client

➡️ @briar - Peer-to-peer encrypted messaging

➡️ @Jami - Peer-to-peer Skype alternative

There is an ActivityPub/Fediverse plugin for Drupal by @swentel
It could enable lots of older projects to become part of the fediverse if installed. I would love to see some local libraries use it.

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

#ActivityPub for Drupal:

Issue tracker:

Students shouldn’t have to put up with their schools spying on them. Here’s a guide on what you might face and what to do about it:

Canadians, today is the last day to speak out on proposed internet rules that would create online filters and speech police! File your comment right now with @OpenMediaOrg’s email tool:

In a month I'll be giving a talk about #gemini at the Italian #linuxday (online) :blob0w0:

I'm a bit scared since it's my first time talking at an event, but I'm also looking forward to it.

There is something that you'd like to see in a presentation about Gemini? I'm thinking of avoiding the whole "the web sucks" theme as much as possible and focus on the "human" aspect of it, since it's what makes the project awesome 🤩

It’s here! ISSUE 02: Inoculate, hot off the distributed press. This issue contains eight creative pieces—(non)fiction, interactive media, and stories from the front lines of alternative networks built on care & solidarity.

Read it on the World Wide Web:

RT @MattAhlborg
People in 185 countries bought from @Bitrefill last month. Here's a few by # of purchases:

Cambodia: 79
Papua New Guinea: 64
Haiti: 55
Namibia: 44

#Bitcoin is used across many languages, social classes, and age groups. It's much bigger than your own personal knowledge bubble.

Use your own node (apart from Core, they all come with their own block explorer)
RT @CoinDesk
SCOOP: @chainalysis has been secretly operating a bitcoin block explorer site,, and scraping certain visitors' IP addresses to find leads for law enforcement clients, leaked documents show.

@realDannyNelson reports

Canadians, you have just a few days left to speak out on a horrific proposal that would force online platforms to proactively surveil, police, and remove your speech! File your comment right now with @OpenMediaOrg's email tool:

📢 Job Opening: Mobile Developer for OONI Probe

Join our team to lead the development of OONI Probe Mobile, supporting human rights defenders worldwide to investigate and fight internet censorship. ✊ 🐙 💫

Apply by 31st October 2021!

#ooni #ooniprobe #job #jobopening #hiring #mobile #mobiledeveloper #freesoftware

Is there anyone in Canada who would be interested in helping to set up an instance of Mobilizon?

Mobilizon is for managing events. It’s free-libre, and federated.

My interest in this? I’d like to help the fediverse grow, and provide a useful service. I’d need help with some geeky things, like installation and whatnot.


#Canada #fediverse #Mobilizon #FOSS

Discovery season 3 is sooooo good! I've been binge watching season 2 and 3 and I'm loving it. I still can't get over the incredible visuals!

There are over 162,960 events listed on #Mobilizon and now over 80 instances listed on!
:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

TIL about DRM-free Living Guide by Detective By Design. They have links to many DRM free music, movie and ebook stores.

#TIL #drmfree #livingstyle

Bitcoin Core 22.0 now supports connecting to the Bitcoin network through I2P. Users can shield their IP address, allowing them to better protect their privacy.

This looks *amazing*.

QT TimHaines: Finally, I’m ready to share my new thing.

It’s called License Burger.

1⃣ It monitors your open-source dependencies
2⃣ It alerts on your pull requests when your team introduces license obligations that are harmful to your project.

One of my favorite is 's For The Record. Great insight with loads of interesting investigations and stories.

Additionally, the emails are simple plain text so it plays nicely with .

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