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πŸ“£ Last announcement for a while, and one I'm personally quite excited about: there's a Rust library in development to work with the decentralized identity verification ecosystem! πŸŽ‰

Not used in a project just yet but will be when it matures!

Blog post:

You could be of tremendous help by looking at the (still small) source code and pointing out bugs and bad code! PRs are welcome :)

Any freelance Django developers looking for additional work?

I need help working on Libreture, and would love to partner up with someone who can bug-fix, add features, and jooj things up a bit code-wise.

Can pay hourly rates, and would love to see your portfolio of work.

Feel free to get in touch on here. πŸ‘

A set of decentralized actors can enforce the simple ruleset, but only because ...

In 2021, it was "proof of work is bad", but it's like they've finally got to the deepest layer of what makes Bitcoin actually innovative, and actually 'work': PoW. It's only because of this mechanism that a decentralized ruleset can lead to a stable convergence on a global state.

Of course these 3 cropped up continuously from the earliest days, but there seem to have been trends.

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Running a law firm on Linux.

There's no particular reason why you'd care that I run a law firm which now (almost) exclusively runs on Linux but, in case you do, here's a bit more about what we've done and why:

#legaltech #lawtwitter #linux

The XSF has started to offer fiscal hosting via #OpenCollective for #XMPP projects! This allows open source XMPP projects that cannot maintain own funding to effectively manage donations through-out the XSF.

Read about the details:

β€œThey also want complete control over your laptop, including the ability to silently transfer files and run arbitrary programs.β€œ

I feel sorry for the poor sods who feel forced to run this stuff on their personal computer.

QT edent: ProctorU is dystopian spyware

"We must not let 'perfect' become the enemy of 'good'"

A quick piece on an insidious little phrase which I expect to see deployed repeatedly to justify aspects of the #OnlineSafetyBill and related policy proposals.

Publishers & Authors! Do you sell ebooks without DRM?

If so, creating your own Libreture account, uploading your ebooks, and displaying them publicly can help direct people to them, and the DRM-free bookshops readers can buy them from, including your own.

DM for help. πŸ’œ

Today is Aaron Swartz birthday. Because of him, we have Creative Commons (development), Reddit (co-founder),, Open Library, DeadDrop, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Demand Progress (co-founder), ThoughtWorks, and Tor2web.

πŸ“£ The first of the bigger announcements πŸŽ‰

We're launching, an experimental living document that contains all the knowledge that powers #keyoxide!

This should make it easier to make independent libraries, implementations, apps and websites 😎

Aaaand: ** 🀩

Let's claim back sovereignty over our online identity!

Blog post:

#openpgp #ariadnespec

What goes around, comes around.

QT Klangable: 1.8TB of Police Helicopter Surveillance Footage Leaks Online

I look forward to trying this!

QT jam_systems: Introducing Jam 2.0:

This is our biggest release so far!

πŸ₯³ Large Rooms (1000s of participants)
πŸŽ™ Improved Reliability & Audio Quality
🏎 Ultra Low-Latency Conversations
πŸ“Ό Podcasting & Recording
πŸ›° Managed Hosting
🎨 Custom UI & JavaScript Library

Release 27 (0.0.38)

Two new features
* You can now vote on polls
* Custom template for how user profiles are displayed

Check out the release page for more info

#tui #terminal #cli #tut

@jb55 Totally agree. I've been using it for a while now and it's become my go-to fedi client.

Whether you're interested in #gemini or not I would recommend checking out the latest #smolZINE just to play Fahrenheit Outpost. A fairly short but really fun pen/paper/dice text adventure game where you're trying to escape a scary space station with a data core.


RT @Blockstream
2/ Earlier in the month, DIY node project @Raspbilitz integrated c-lightning with its v1.7.1 update, allowing users to run both LND + c-lightning simultaneously.

With c-⚑️, users get a privacy-optimized, lightweight LN node with customizable plugins.

Imagine how valuable this is to advertisers: when they can literally know exactly where your eyes are tracking and how long you are looking at advertisements. Pretty obvious what facebook's gameplan is here.

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