@koolaidwithkaran @Bisq I seriously want to use #Bisq but I found the process a little confusing like I have to deposit bitcoins before I can buy any last I checked. I need to take some time to learn it because I do love the concept.

@aspie4K @Bisq totally. I linked to some great guides at the end of my post that'll hopefully answer some questions you might have.

@koolaidwithkaran @Bisq brilliant I’ll give it a read now. I’ve also been using Exodus on my iPhone because their iOS app lets you buy bitcoin with Apple Pay without any KYC. Obviously they keep my card details on file but no need to scan in my ID or anything like that. Bisq is an excellent idea though being decentralised and running through Tor. Proper anonymity. I’ll read your article right now :)

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