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I only recently learned about (thank you ) and I have to say, what a breath of fresh air.

They are super reasonably priced, and I got it integrated into all my email applications effortlessly ( ).

I've used Protonmail for a while, but I think I'm a Posteo man now. It 'just works' and I couldn't be happier.

I need to work on writing shorter, more rambling pieces. It'll keep me writing as well as build some momentum for longer, more heavily edited pieces.

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7a/ Conclusions

The Lightning and Liquid Networks are complementary layer-2 solutions that allow Bitcoin to be used for a greater range of applications, and by a greater number of people.

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Our new Bisq dashboard lets you check on the Bitcoin markets with just a quick glance: mempool.space/bisq

You Need To Withdraw Your Bitcoin.

"Owning bitcoin but failing to hold it yourself is like buying a helmet but refusing to wear it when you ride. It’s not there to protect you when you need it most."

Written by @CaptainSiddh.


Over the better part of a year, through much pain, effort, and determination, I've got almost everyone I text regularly to use .

But now that I want to use @delta , I fear I've used the last bit of patience my people have and, well, there's no way they're gonna switch again.

Guess I need to make more friends and spread the word elsewhere 😅

Women should carefully consider the privacy and security tradeoffs before deciding to use any fertility and pregnancy tracking applications. eff.org/wp/pregnancy-panoptico

@bbbhltz wrote instructions on how to host #gemini capsule on #RaspberryPi. I must give it a go tomorrow. :)


What are the CLI/TUI applications that spark joy for you?

For me a nicely customized tmux, tut fediverse client (so I can talk to you lovely people), amfora (for gemini), profanity (xmpp), newsboat and tui_launcher (because who doesn't want touchscreen buttons in their terminal).

Do you have a WordPress Blog?

Did you know you can connect it to the Fediverse so that people on Mastodon can follow you and comment on your posts?

It works through the WordPress ActivityPub plugin:


(You may also be able to find this by searching for "ActivityPub" in the plugins section of your WordPress blog)

If you have any comments or questions, the plugin's developer is on the Fediverse at @pfefferle

#WordPress #FediTips #Fediverse

Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Trading Rising Across Africa.

Trading volume in Nigeria surpassed $99.1 million between January and March 2021, followed by Kenya with $38.4 million, Ghana with $27.4 million and South Africa with $25.8 million.


🇨🇦 massive regulation of online content 

> Uploads to social media could be regulated under proposed changes to Canada’s broadcasting law


> the federal government proposed and passed an amendment that would make all user generated audiovisual content on online platforms subject to the regulatory powers of the CRTC.


I am working on my presentation to the EU. I've spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about how I want to frame things.

I have a new title, which I think is appropriate: "Decentralized Networked Communities as Essential Infrastructure".

Thanks for all the Gempub feedback and help so far (especially @jk and @bortzmeyer), Gempub 1.0.0 is almost ready I think: oppen.digital/memex/gempub/ I have a little checking to do around the language and charset optional metadata (included mainly so implementations can supply language hints to screen readers), if anyone has any additional recommendations get them to me in the next couple of days and we'll make this 1.0.0 spec final. #gemini #gempub

EFF opposes digital proof of COVID vaccination as a condition of going about our daily lives. They’re not “vaccine passports” to speed our way back to normal. They’re “vaccine bouncers” that will scrutinize us at doorways and unfairly turn many of us away. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/04/no-d

15,000 call on FTC to protect the Right to Repair.

If you own it, you should be able to repair it. uspirg.org/news/usp/more-15000

These are actual things sent out by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission

Thread heading: "Millennials"

Google's #FLoC will kill third-party cookies (yay) while monopolizing surveillance (boo). The web needs competition, but not competition to figure out how to spy on you. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/04/figh

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