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Boffins propose Pretty Good Phone Privacy to end pretty invasive location data harvesting by telcos • The Register

Brilliant commentary of Bruce Schneier regarding Apple's decision. 👏

Apple Adds a Backdoor to iMesssage and iCloud Storage - Schneier on Security

Might be a nice tool after further development 🙂
GitHub - brightio/penelope: Penelope Shell Handler

Police Robots Are Not a Selfie Opportunity, They’re a Privacy Disaster Waiting to Happen | Electronic Frontier Foundation –

Google: Linux kernel and its toolchains are underinvested by at least 100 engineers • The Register –

GitHub - t0thkr1s/allsafe: Intentionally vulnerable Android application. –

VU#506989 - Microsoft Windows 10 gives unprivileged user access to SAM, SYSTEM, and SECURITY files –

Zed Attack Proxy asks for feedback:

"We want to hear how you are using ZAP. Please fill in this one page questionnaire - your feedback is very important to us!"

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