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in an alternative universe we use 3ds blocks to measure file sizes instead of *bytes

re: six word horror story 

for context: It Takes A While

there are known bugs which make windows update take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to start working correctly. it's much more worth it to make a custom iso with all the monthly rollups and updates baked in than to do a fresh install of windows 7 sp1

thankfully i thought of this at least a bit ahead of time and downloaded the update pack from 2016 which had everything from 2011 to, well, 2016

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six word horror story 

updating a fresh install of windows 7

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i tried once and promptly lost all my games and saves (which wasn't too big of a deal for me since i didn't use the ps3 at all by that point)

account data seems to be placed in internal storage, thankfully

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for whoever may need this: don't plug a ps3 drive into your computer, you'll be forced to reformat it on the ps3 if you do

(also, that previous post about working all day was a bit of an overreaction; i spend a large part of the day trying to get llvm builds to succeed, then realized i could get rid of it entirely, then had to add a cflag so that it would use the versioned llvm libs correctly and fixed some other issue with ld, in the end i got 3 one-line patches so it's not that big of a deal lol)

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i did not test it yet, as it seems to have gotten stuck on unit tests, plus it's really late and i should be going to sleep lol

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for context: there are a bunch of git submodules (easy enough, that can be excused) and then they just drop llvm 7 and 10 into the repository. i spent the whole day patching that out so that it would use the system's llvm10 and i finally got it to build

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current status: fighting with swiftshader, trying to package it

whose idea was it to *include the dependencies directly in the project*?? i swear this cursed piece of software was never meant to be packaged for linux

with all my lurking on postmarketOS repos i got quite used to the gitlab interface. for me github feels really empty in comparison now

"but knuxify!!! you said you were a "coder" once, and this is your first time learning a real programming language?"

1. no, i once tried learning c++ and later on python
2. shellscript is a perfectly valid coding lan*is slowly pushed off stage*

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i'm proposing to add a new button to the activitypub spec: the "Thanks I Hate This Post" button

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do your replies always come out weird? trying to stop a friend from being a reply guy? introducing a new, revolutionary technology:

anti-reply protection

that's right! with just 2 lines of css you can disable all reply buttons

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proper capitalization seems unfriendly? forced to interact with people who use uppercase letters an proper punctuation all the time?

introducing: lowercase posts

that's right! with a tiny bit of css you can make all posts lowercase

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