perceived or real skill in programming does not suddenly give anyone the right to forego basic empathy.

the caustic, casually denigrating culture that infests computer science has got to go. rampant toxicity, in the long run, leads to stagnation in software development, because everyone that isn't steeped in that culture gets pushed out.

Ranch Girl is so peak Iowan I mistakenly thought I recognized her

(I am a bad native Iowan and hate ranch tho)

2009: Young people use Twitter. Old people complain about how this terrible "Twitter" thing is ruining society.

2019: Old people use Twitter. Young people complain about how this terrible "Twitter" thing is ruining society.

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God I love it when we get the Good Ending in something.

"Tetris 99 has taught me there is an entire roiling underbelly of god-tier Tetris degenerates out there that have been unknowingly training for this week their entire lives.

Having a good time watching Twitch streamers get destroyed by accounts named "Eileen" and "LuvMyKids72." "

been in kind of a creative mood lately

I'm even designing characters again >>

curse my actual ADHD

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