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I disagree instantly and so damn much with a majority of this text... o.O

@ohyran @kde While I like the topic and general discussion I also strongly agree with a lot of points and examples he gives (main one I have a different opinion was regarding keyboard language and layout, since I switch it when pairing with co-workers regularly, and even with my girlfriend).

But I also don't think sofware UI design has reached its pinnacle in the 90s. I like the ribbon UI for example 😅

This article is really

@kiview @ohyran @kde Yes! to this. Its like very similar to my journey in the world and its distros. I started with KDE which was good back in 2006 approx, then it got unnecessary complicated, so I switch to GNOME Ubuntu until and stayed with Unity just to avoid GNOME 3 dumbness of everything. (Unity wasn't all that good either). Now I am on and I love it. You can tell by the article that is really leading screwing everything a desktop should be!!


I fell extremely in love with Plasma 5. Haven't used it in years and just kind of got the articles and comments about how buggy plasma is. Then one day I just installed it on my existing installation which was running @gnome and I was blown away by its performance and general pleasant design.
I think what the GNOME team does is good and important job, to try out new things though and it has its place.

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Yeah I keep reading is buggy but in reality hasn't been my experience. The only thing buggy is the app store and that's on the app not the DE. On the contrary I've change distro twice on another laptop I have because of related bugs. Including Ubuntu standard, mate, & Linux Mint cinnamon. (I haven't change LM yet). If the innovation is doing is crippling the desktop, then I don't want that kind of innovation.
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I agree with you on the related comments.
Also it's okay if you don't want a "crippled" desktop, but for some users it's a good thing and there is a value in the "distraction free environment" principles behind the design philosophy. My main problem with GNOME was the incredible bad (and even degrading) performance.
I'm really looking forward to a stable release of kde on also.

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